Ross Boatman

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 21:20

Ross Boatman

A poker biography of Ross Boatman.

Quick Information

Name - Ross Boatman

Born - Archway, England, United Kingdom

Poker Room - Not Available


Some people say that if you want someone to grow up really good at something, your best bet at success is to start them out young. Now, while Ross Boatman's parents likely didn't want their son to become a pro poker player, Boatman did have the prerequisite "young start" needed to, theoretically, succeed in this game. As part of a group of poker-playing friends he uses his training as an actor to create a confident, collected table persona and uses that image every bit in his advantage.

He was first introduced to the game by Barny, his slightly older brother, who had allowed him to sit through a game, after much pleading. That, at the tender age of 10, was his first game of poker. He managed to make a small win and, up to now, he's not entirely sure if he was lucky or if the others at the table simply let him win. However, that single win was enough to spike his interest in poker, though he didn't begin to play the game for any serious money until a few years later.

He discovered the poker room in the back of a place called Stella's Poolroom and, while unable to participate, he decided to just observe and learn as much as he could. It was during his days observing things in that place that he quickly grasped the basic precepts of poker strategy, as well some of the nuances and tricks of the game.

By the time Boatman was 17, he had come to enjoy a regular game of poker with his friends to provide enjoyment. Naturally, there were bets being made in the games, though things came to a turning point when Boatman had won so much money from his friends that he was forced to make a decision. Wisely, Boatman decided to waive whatever his friends owed him to keep his friends, who had outrightly refused to even speak to him because of poker-incurred debts to Boatman. That event prompted him to move up in the poker world, taking on other players in his first casino visit to the Victoria Sporting Club.

The itch to play in a more competitive, high-stakes environment came around the mid to late 90s. During that time, he began to play small-circuit tournaments around his native UK, always finishing well and earning the respect of fellow players wherever he went. He has moved on to international competitions as well, having been a successful participant of the European Poker Tour.

During his travels, he and his brother teamed up with Ram Vaswani and Joe Beevers to form the "The Hendon Mob." The four of them became regular players in the WSOP tournaments. Aside from poker, Boatman is also an actor of no small talent, having had a part in the film "Hard Men," as well as UK TV shows "London's Burning." Incidentally, he was among the earliest players to voice support for turning poker into something that can be enjoyed by spectators through the use of a "hole camera." He, like some other poker players, has opted to share his insights and experience with the game over the Internet through a series of articles discussing his thoughts on the game.