Roulette Glossary

Sat, 07 Jun 2008 19:47

Roulette Glossary

Terms and commonly used words for roulette.

It is no wonder that roulette is one of the most favorite casino games today, may it be an online or a live game. The rules of the game are fairly easy to understand and apply in live or online gaming. Although the maximum and minimum amounts of allowed bets were set and must be followed, you can easily take control of your money. To play roulette, you only need a small capital to start. That small amount can turn into a huge sum of money with the kind of payout scheme implemented to the game.

However, the probability of losing is high for those players who are not equipped with enough knowledge about roulette. In this game of chance, which is said to have originated from France, the players should familiarize themselves with the rules and strategies. Aside from those, it is also a must for every player to introduce themselves to common roulette terminology by putting their hands on the roulette glossary. Don't worry, the following words you are about to encounter are the most widely used terms in the roulette world.

This refers to the total money of bet placed for a specific time extent.

American Wheel

Type of a roulette wheel that has 38 rooms where the ball can get right through in. The American wheel is different from the European wheel in a sense that the former has two zeros while the latter has only one.

Also known as the backtrack, the ball-track is that part of the roulette that serves as the “track” or path for the moving ball during a spin.

Biased Wheel
A defective or irregular roulette that has adverse effects on the results of the spins by producing the same numbers again and again. The anomalous numbers, which appeared frequently during the game, is called a biased number.

Capping A Bet
This illegal act consists of putting additional chips on a wager that has won so that the payout will be larger.

Chameleon Strategy
This term is used to describe a person who tries to copy the game strategy of a fellow player who is constantly winning in every spin. The “chameleon” follows suit to the every move of the lucky player. It is like profiting by mimicking.

The dealer or the crew assigned to run the whole game at a specific roulette table. Also called the wheel roller.

En prison
This is a French term that describes a situation in roulette wherein the players are constrained to take back their full bets, allowing them to take half, if the spin resulted to a zero.

Flat bettor
This term pertains to a roulette player who places the same amount of bets in every spin.

Martingale Betting System
This refers to a type of betting system. When you lost a specific amount at the previous spin and you decided to double up your wager for the next spin so that you can take back what was lost, then you are using the Martingale Betting System.

Reverse-Martingale Betting System
This system calls for doubling up your bet after your wager in the previous spin has won.

Trio Bet
When you decided to place wagers on three different numbers, then you are making use of the trio bet system.