Roulette Rules

Sat, 07 Jun 2008 19:49

Roulette Rules

A look at roulette gaming rules.

To play roulette, you do not need to purchase any book that contains tutorials or guides. Any kind of training is unnecessary, too. This is how simple roulette is. Your I.Q does not even have to reach a certain level for you to understand how the game flows. Actually, by being a mere spectator of live or online games, you can already feed your mind with ideas and skills that a player needs to do good in playing roulette. An interest ignited by passion and an instinct fueled by the desire to win were actually the indispensable elements to a successful and enjoyable roulette playing.

However, interest and desire can be easily extinguished by lack of wisdom. Even if roulette is a fairly easy game, its players are required to show wisdom by following the rules of the game. Failure to familiarize yourself first with the rules can result not only in an unpleasant roulette experience but bankruptcy as well. The following are the basic roulette rules:

The Essentials

Acting as the house's representative is the Croupier. He serves many functions in the roulette game. The croupier manages the bets on the table, spins the wheel, and handles payouts to the winners. A total of eight players can surround the roulette table to battle against the house.

To start playing, you need to buy roulette chips. The chips are available in different colors and each color represents a particular amount of money. You can ask for varied denominations so you can start on a small wager then eventually go all-out if you think Lady Luck is on your side.

On the table, you can see figures that correspond to the numbers drawn on the roulette wheel. If you are putting a wager on the number 8, then place your chips on the part of the table where the number 8 is. This is not the only betting option available in this game. You can make either an inside bet or an outside bet. The difference between these two are the amount of payoffs. To avoid cheating, the croupier makes sure first that all wages have been placed and that no further bets will be forwarded. He does this by shouting “no more bets!”. If nobody reacted, then it is time to launch the ball.

Once the wheel was spun, all you have to do is to wait if the ball will occupy the slot of your chosen number. Let the croupier place a sign on the winning number first and complete the payouts to every winner before you get your winnings or before you put your bet for the next spin. This routine will help facilitate the delivery of the payouts and will lessen chances of cheating.

To increase your chances of winning, it is advisable to play using the European wheel (link to: Roulette glossary.txt). With just a 2.7% house advantage, the player's edge is greater compared to the 5.26% house advantage found in an American wheel that have 2 zeros in it.