Roulette System

Sat, 07 Jun 2008 23:30

Roulette System

Free winning roulette betting and gambling system.

Just like most casino attractions, roulette is one of the many games wherein winning is quite difficult because of the huge advantage that the casino has over the player. In light of this, gamblers make use of roulette systems in order to give themselves a shot at overcoming the seemingly insurmountable roulette odds.

There are two kinds of roulette systems commonly resorted to by players-- progression (also called positive or "pyramiding") and non-progression (also called negative) systems. Each is entirely distinct from the other, and with different pros and cons.  Both methods are aimed towards beating the house edge and they can likewise be used over an extended amount of time. With a negative progression, the player is required to increase his wager after a loss. Majority of the roulette systems currently being used, the Martingale Progression for example, require succeeding bets to be increased each time a player incurs a loss. When this method is used appropriately, the player might eventually win and earn some profit, despite a bad start.

On the other hand, players who make use of positive progression, or pyramiding, often find themselves in a dilemma since the system requires a huge bankroll in case there is a need for extended sessions. To use the positive progression, the player should, at that point, have incurred winnings earlier in the game and these winnings are now being used as a leverage to increase profit. The disadvantage of this system is that the player needs to go on a winning streak in order to keep the system going. Since roulette is a game that relies on luck, this scenario is unlikely. Aside from that, once the bankroll is consumed, the roulette system abruptly ends.  

Majority of the casinos are well aware that players will use roulette systems to be able to increase their winning chances. In order to counter this, casinos have enforced some kind of table limit on the cost of the bet that a player can make. Likewise, casinos have placed restrictions on how many rounds that each gambler can play in succession. It is up to the player to keep himself informed of these limitations and find a way to overcome the odds the best way he can.

Since casinos have enforced table limits, some players have come to prefer not using any kind of progression system. Some have devised different playing methods, most of them not requiring the player to place considerable amounts of wager or to increase the value of his bet.

The kind of roulette system that a player can use will be determined by how much he is willing to bet, the length of time he intends to play, and the the type of odds that the player prefers. A particular roulette system may be suited to one player but not to another. So it is up to the player to determine which is the best system for him. To master a roulette system, a player can take advantage of a free roulette game and he can likewise download roulette software.