Roulette Tips

Sat, 07 Jun 2008 19:51

Roulette Tips

Casino and gambling winning roulette tips.

A plethora of new and more advanced games are making waves in the casino scene today, may it be online or land-based. Now, gambling enthusiasts have a wider range of options and ways to gain money while having fun. While other casino games such as craps and baccarat are finding it hard to compete with the fresh yet instant favorites like the Caribbean Stud Poker, one game managed to prevail against the challenge of time -- Roulette.

The unfading popularity of roulette is manifested in the growing number of its players. Inside a casino, expect the long roulette table to be surrounded with eager players with looks on their faces that suggest extreme excitement. Indeed, roulette is an exhilarating game of chance that is enjoyable and profitable at the same time. It is a fast-paced game that requires full focus from the player because the average total spins per hour is 45. That means if you place a bet of $5 on a single number of your choice, you will either win or lose an instant $225 in a 60-minute game time.

The big guns of roulette world will tell you that even if your instinct is a good partner in picking the right number to place your bets on, relying on your instincts alone will not take you somewhere good. There is more to luck in this fascinating casino game. There are tips and tricks you should get familiar with first before jumping into the roulette arena. The following are some roulette tips that can help you cash-in profits:

The Two Types of Roulettes

Basically, there are two types of wheel used in playing roulette. They are the European and the American roulettes. The European version of the roulette wheel has a single zero while the American wheel got two. It is advisable to opt for the European roulette because the house advantage in the American roulette is bigger. There is a 5.26 percent house advantage in a double-zero roulette wheel. This means that the player's chance of winning is lesser in the American roulette than in the European roulette.

Be Wise On Betting

The key to bigger chances of winning in roulette is by betting on more than just one number. You may choose between an equal or a varied amount distribution. Placing bets on two or more numbers can raise the player's edge in every spin. However, it is recommended to take into consideration the fact that if you bet on too many numbers, you will still end up a big loser. Remember, there are 36 numbers to choose from and only one will get a payout so just do the math to determine how many numbers should you put wagers on.

Have Fun

Truth is that you can't always be a winner in a roulette game unless you already are a professional. Never treat roulette like work. If you want to make a lucrative business out of playing it, there is a tendency to feel anxiety and frustration while you are on the game. This can ruin your concentration and can take away the fun in roulette playing. Some websites offer free online roulette games where you can practice and hone your game skills while still having fun, without spending a single dime.