Shahram Shawn Sheikhan

Mon, 24 Nov 2008 02:26

Shawn Sheikhan

A poker biography of Shawn Sheikhan.

Quick Information

Name - Shahram "Shawn" Sheikhan

Born - Iran

Current Residence - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Poker Rooms - Poker Stars

Poker Stars Handle - N/A


Shawn Sheikhan or Shahram "Shawn" Sheikhan was born in Iran in 1969.  He is a professional poker player and has played in several World poker tournaments.

Sheikhan is known to be quite volatile at the felt. His fellow players would often times get angry at the way Sheikhan would let out steam. One of the more publicized incidents was at the 2005 World Series of Poker. After a flop on a hand he was not a part of, he slammed the table. This somehow gave away the hand that Mike Matusow had, angering him. This potentially gave away the result of the hand – giving the other players information that may have changed the outcome of the play. Matusow cursed at Sheikhan’s malicious gesture. That got the two penalized by the tournament’s authorities. In another incident, Sheikhan wouldn’t stop talking, seemingly trying to anger Phil Hellmuth, who was playing a hand against Annie Duke. This was during Poker After Dark, the television show. And of course, Hellmuth got so angry.

And yet, in another well documented show of confidence and aggressiveness, Sheikhan once told Gus Hansen to just “throw away” his cards. He eventually busted Hansen with a four of a kind. This was during the National Heads-Up Poker Championship of NBC. Sheikhan the final four in this game but lost to Ted Forrest. He racked up cash winnings of $125,000 though.

In 2007, during the World Series of Poker’s No Limit Deuce to Seven Lowball tournament, he ranked third, earning more than $200,000 for himself. He was also in Poker After Dark against Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matusow, Antonio Esfandiari, Daniel Negreanu, and Phil Laak. Here, he got $120,000 as prize money. In the same year, during the High Stakes Poker show, a television series of GNS, he intentionally swiped and broke Matusow’s expensive pair of sunglasses – again, testament to his volatile and aggressive nature.

By 2008, his tournament winnings have totaled to more than $1,400,000. On the side, Sheikhan earns from his tobacco and tattoo retail chain.

Sheikhan experienced personal turmoil in 2007. Being a resident alien since he was nine years old and married to an American citizen, he eventually applied for full American citizenship. This brought up a conviction back in 1995 for a misdemeanor sexual battery on a child under 18. He was jailed for nine months and then served a five-year probation. This effectively raised the “Operation Predator” alarms over at the US Department of Homeland Security and the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. With this, Sheikhan was arrested and detained briefly at an immigration hold. He faces deportation, and proceedings for this have started. However, these have been halted by Immigration Court judge Harry Gastley. The judge decided that the Department of Homeland Security has not provided enough information to forward the proceedings. According to the judge, he was confused as to what Sheikhan was accused and convicted of. Sheikhan is safe from deportation for now, yet seems to need to get a lot of things in order.