Shop Around For WPT Satellites

Tue, 03 Jun 2008 15:33

Shop Around for WPT Satellites

Article WPT online poker satellite.

For most of the popular games the usual give-aways or awards to the winners is cash but when it comes to poker, a seat or a number of seats is major enough to be considered as a prize by poker players. These free seat/s can also be equated to a free entrance. Small wonder, then, that the World Poker Tour satellites  or WPT satellites, which awards such seats, are highly valued by poker players and poker fanatics.

Things like these certainly add to the fun of going to the WPT. The most frequently asked question among amateur poker players or wannabes is how to qualify for the World Poker Tour. Well, winning in a satellite game is one of the ways to join the World Poker Tour and finally be able to show off your winning strategy.

By simply joining a WPT satellite game, you are on your way to entering the big leagues at about a quarter of the price.  The buy-ins at satellite games, you see, are much lower than the main event buy-ins.  Aside from that, participating in satellite events, can be considered as opportunities to practice strategy or training grounds for when you finally reach the WPT.

There are different ways of getting into a WPT satellite event. Numerous online poker sites provide information on easy access.  They also give announcements where World Poker Tours are going to be held next and how to join in the corresponding WPT satellite event. You could get into a WPT satellite game by just paying the specified -- and much lower, compared to the main WPT event -- fee.

However, keep in mind that not all casinos have WPT satellite tournaments.  You have to choose a tournament handled by casinos and card rooms that are officially listed at WPT Enterprises, Inc.  Check out this list at
Players also have to choose the kind of satellite game that they want to enter.  Satellite games that are called single-table usually have only one champ that walks away with the WPT seat.  Sometimes, the runner-up gets to compete in a different tournament or, in other cases, there is payout plan depending on the size of the prize pool.  On the other hand, Super Satellite, another type of satellite game, usually has lots of players and often gives out lots of WPT seats, as many as the prize pool would be able to accommodate.

In order to enter one of these online WPT satellites, though, you have to abide by the state and local laws concerning poker. One of the requirements is to be of legal age. If you are of legal age, then all you have to do to enter a satellite tournament is simply follow the necessary registration process and then, get ready to take a shot at the WPT.