Shop Around For WSOP Satellites

Tue, 03 Jun 2008 01:16

Shop Around For WSOP Satellites

Search for the best WSOP satellites.

Want to join the WSOP without bringing out $10,000? If you are really smart and determined to join that poker players' dream tournament, you will not think twice in joining a WSOP satellite. A WSOP satellite is a key that low-stake players like you should obtain to open the gates of the World Series of Poker tournament.  

What is WSOP?

Any poker enthusiast must know what WSOP means and every genuine and dedicated poker player should dream of winning a WSOP bracelet. The World Series of Poker or WSOP is the most distinguished series of poker tournaments around the world. It began in 1968 when Tom Moore of San Antonio, Texas held a poker event open for a few chosen players at the Holiday Hotel and Casino in Reno. Crandell Addington won the game and made it to the WSOP Main Event Top Ten players eight times. The tournament started by Moore evolved into a world-renowned poker event. Big time poker player and Las Vegas casino manager Benny Binion, together with his sons Ted and Jack, conceptualized the set of events in WSOP.  

The WSOP competition, with more than 50 different poker events, is held every year in Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the United States. The culminating activity of this poker tournament is the no-limit hold'em "Main Event".  The winner in this event takes home $10 million. The winner in every WSOP event, which refers to all the major poker games, is rewarded with the highly esteemed WSOP bracelet.

What are WSOP Satellites?

WSOP is not just for professional poker players. Jack Binion knew that even ordinary people with little amount to stake deserve the chance to play at a world-class poker competition. Consequently, he thought of a way to offer amateur players a chance to compete with the best poker players in the WSOP by introducing the winner-takes-all single table tournament. This concept evolved into poker satellites. WSOP satellites are poker tournaments wherein low-stake players who invest little amount of their money may have the chance to get rewards as big as a seat in the WSOP, plus other perquisites like travel fees and free hotel room accommodation.  

However, WSOP Satellites have a downside. These present certain disadvantages that make winning a little less easy. First, there are several tournaments to be faced in order to win. Winning in a regular single-table event is not yet an assurance that you will actually win a WSOP seat.  You still have to go through other events, including the ones participated by veteran poker players. Another disadvantage of WSOP satellites is that you will have a hard time to stop playing and stop giving up some money. Since you really are determined in winning a WSOP seat, you will be encouraged to give all that you have just to win.
Despite the disadvantages of WSOP satellites, these are still a very cost-effective way to enter the world-class poker competition. Since playing a game is all about taking risks, why be discouraged by just a few drawbacks if WSOP satellites can take you to your dream tournament?
How to Join WSOP Satellites?

Even without $10,000, you have the chance to make it to that big poker heaven and play against your poker idols. But before you continue dreaming, you have to work your way up. If you cannot risk $10,000, you need to play in a WSOP satellite. You have three options: join a WSOP super-satellite, join WSOP single-table events, or join at online poker tourneys. To be able to participate in a WSOP super-satellite, you just need about $225. Joining online WSOP satellites is easier. All you have to do is to download an online poker room and create an account to be able to play.   

Looking for a WSOP satellite is made easier by many poker rooms available online. Nowadays, you do not necessarily have to go to poker rooms just to participate in WSOP satellites. You can grab your chance to win a WSOP seat by simply playing at home, in front of your computer. Almost every big time poker room features WSOP satellites. Here are some of them:

1. Pacific Poker
Pacific Poker is an online subsidiary of Casino-on-Net, the biggest casino in the world. This online poker room, which is considered as a training ground for starting poker players, is an ideal poker room because of its frequently updated software. Pacific Poker software presents improved graphics, search functions, enhanced multi-tabling functions, and graphic replay of hands that can be helpful in studying your satellite strategies. It also guarantees grand tournaments and satellites like the WSOP satellites.

When it comes to choosing a poker room with diverse poker games, Pacific Poker is a good choice. It provides assorted poker events such as the Seven-Card Stud, Omaha, Texas Hold'em, and Omaha Hi-Lo. It offers heads-up tables, Full-table games, and short-handed.

2. Bodog Poker
Bodog Poker started as a well-known sportsbook in 1995. A casino was eventually added to it, and by 2004, a poker room was established in the casino. Effective advertising made this poker room a great hit to a young, upper-class male market.  

It is not surprising that Bodog Poker is one of most popular poker rooms nowadays. Its software offers a player many benefits like viewing and playing on three active tables through the mini view feature and viewing your own cards even after you fold them. In addition, Bodog Poker offers a limited $100 competition credit bonus at 100 percent deposit.

3. Titan Poker
Although badly affected by the new initiative of the United States, Titan Poker is recovering fast and is trying to maintain its place in the list of leading poker rooms worldwide.

Titan Poker attracts many players. One reason could be the high speed of its software. Another factor is its useful software features like the mini view that permits four tables to be automatically tiled at high resolution. It also features creative and colorful graphics that enhance the interest of poker players. Aside from its great physical attributes, Titan Poker is patronized by many because of the great value tournaments it offers.  

4. Poker Stars
More than having a great software, Poker Stars is known for having big online poker competitions. It gives amateur poker players the chance to participate in WSOP Satellites. It also allows many players to join the European Poker Tour (EPT) and World Poker Tour (WPT).

Poker Stars is also a great way to enhance your poker skills. Most players practice for tournaments like WSOP through this online poker room. The site also provides some tips on playing poker.

5. Everest Poker
Everest Poker is a new online poker room for everybody. It has a software that knows many different languages like English, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Japanese, Italian, German, Dutch, and French. Its software is famous to many poker players because of its smooth performance.  

Since it is relatively new, Texas Hold'em is the only game available. It also provides few poker competitions. However, Everest Poker is planning to expand its scope.
6. Mansion Poker
Mansion Poker is such a cool site because with just a single player account, you can already enjoy poker, sportsbook, and casino. Aside from this, the software of Mansion Poker has fast and smooth performance. It also offers player-friendly features like lobby filters and player notes that assist poker players in looking for the right table.  

Mansion Poker offers limited games. Only No-Limit Texas Hold'em and low-stakes Limit are available. However, there are a lot of low buy-in competitions and freerolls.