Short Run vs Long Run

Fri, 06 Jun 2008 00:34

Short Run vs Long Run

The importance of knowing the poker game.

Most online poker enthusiasts believe that their chance of winning and the amount they would gain are mainly determined by how long they have been playing. In this regard, the comparison between playing online poker in the short run and the long run has been developed. Different beliefs have been established about these two contrasting aspects; however, understanding the factors that affect your success rate within each of the said time periods will help you have a clearer idea on this matter.         

First of all, in the short run, you normally have little or no skills in playing poker. You may read about what the rules of online poker are, what the use of the community cards are, and how to bet, call, or raise. However, since your skill level plays a major role in correctly applying the information you know, having inadequate experience would lead you to losing a lot in this stage. Adding to this the common fact that in online poker sites there will always be other players who are more skilled than you. On the other hand, you may win a few games by luck or chance, but these events are generally rare.

Simply put, you have less chances of winning in the short run due to the reason that you are still developing your skills, and the events wherein you would win rely mainly on luck. Therefore, if you are playing in the short run, remember to avoid participating in games where the stakes involved are high as this will make you lose a huge amount of money. Try to stay in games where the stakes do not seem too significant.          

Moving on, in the long run, you would usually develop more skills from playing multiple times. Naturally, your success rate will increase and you would win more often. This, however, may be affected by the types of players that are in the game with you. If you are playing against other persons that are less experienced, you would most likely win multiple times; conversely, if your opponents are just as skilled as you, you will have a lesser rate of success. In the latter case, luck may be a crucial factor of your chance of winning, although such events may not always occur.

In addition, you need to observe the frequency of losses you would face in the long run. Losing in a few games during a specific period of time may not be too important, but if you constantly lose within several months, you must seriously examine your skills.

Finally, there is actually no precise way to know the length of time you would spend in the short run before stepping into the long run. An effective means of finding out is by actually playing frequently. Aside from this, the type of game you choose to focus on may have an effect on the said aspects. For instance, poker games that have a specific limit for betting are believed to have a long run that can be achieved over a short period of time.