Shorthand Limit Texas Holdem

Wed, 04 Jun 2008 23:06

Shorthand Limit Texas Holdem

Shorthand texas holdem poker strategy.

Playing shorthand limit is popular among online poker players because it gets exciting with a game of aggression between passive and assertive poker players. Unlike Longhand Limit, Shorthand Limit Texas Hold'em is usually played by six players and beginners should learn to handle sticky situations where there are so much folding and raising going on. The best shorthand limit games have players limping during the pre-flop and betting afterwards. Like in Longhand Limit and Advanced Shorthand Limit, knowing which poker hands are good for raising and for folding is essential to winning in Shorthand Limit.

A good move would be to observe the action of your game. Are players going for the raise, the re-raise, the call, and then the cap? If they are, then a smart poker player should fold if he doesn't own a pair of Aces, an Ace and a King, or a pair of face cards. It would really be wise to consider what your opponents' starting hands are before going for a betting spree. Jamming the pot would not help any poker player who's standing on shaky grounds.

Shorthand Limit players must remember that a pocket pair, a pair of an Ace and a small card, a combination of fsce cards, and a suited pair of a Jack and a small card are good hands for raising during a pre-flop. For players who would like to call the raise, they should have any of the following: a high pocket pair, an Ace and a face card, an Ace and a small card (although this pair can become risky at times), or a suited pair of face cards.

Beginners should also know that small cards and suited connectors are good hands only for particular situations. They can make their opponents limp through these cards and go for the pot if aggression isn't part of the game. If players get small cards, it would be advisable for them to fold. But if all opponents have already folded, then they could go for the raise.

Aside from knowing good hands from bad, Shorthand Limit players should also make themselves familiar with how pot odds and drawing hands are affected by outs and bluffing. Knowing their outs could help players determine if they hold the best hand. One tip would be to divide the amount of pot by their number and if they get a number that is bigger than their bet, then it would be wise to call. For players who usually bluff their way to winning, it would be smart to lower it a notch if their games are lower than $5. Bluffing during flops can be one good move for pre-flop raisers, while semi-bluffing can help players who have strong drawing hands. For other bluffing techniques, players should check with the game's limit. Unlike No Limit Texas Hold'em, fixed-limit games don't usually work well with bluffers. But then there is that possibility. It is also good to remember that in Shorthand Limit games where aggression is commonly used, bluffing can either make or break a player's winning hand.