Simon Trumper

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 21:47

Simon Trumper

A poker biography of Simon Trumper.

Quick Information

Name - Simon Trumper

Born - March 31st 1963, South Kensington, London, United Kingdom

Poker Room - Not Available


Even at a tender age, Trumper, also known as "Aces," proved that poker has a significance in his life because it was the reason behind his expulsion from school when he was a kid. After finishing his Math exams, little Simon played poker dices on his chair and before he knew it, his parents found another school for him where he could "outgrow" his addiction to poker.

Actually, Trumper was not a poker addict. It could be said that Trumper had a natural inclination to the game, but unlike other known poker players today, he did not make a career out of poker early on in his life. Instead, he achieved a degree, ventured in business, which put up his own drainage company, and succeeded on it. It was only later in his career that this young businessman realized and pursued his passion in the said game, by joining the £10 poker tourney in Reading, Berkshire.

Since then, Trumper's life in the poker community blasted off. He traveled around Europe just to play poker in famous tourneys like the Gutshot London Poker, Oxford Cup, The Grosvenor Grand Challenge, Caribbean Poker Classic, Aviation Club de France Hold'em Series 2005, Grosvenor UK Open Poker Championship, Euro Finals of Poker, Midland Masters, Austrian Classics, and more. But, he owes his popularity more to the "Late Night Poker," which used to be aired in channel 4 on the European television, where he was the top poker player.

Of course, Trumper's remarkable talent in poker was not only meant for his European opponents and audience. So he took off to Vegas in July 2005 to show off what he got in the prestigious World Series of Poker, the poker event where he rubbed elbows and challenged other big names in the realm of poker such as Barry Greenstein, Todd Brunson, Julian "The Kid" Gardner, and Erik Seidel. In the said event, fortunately, Trumper emerged victorious; he went back home to Guilford after winning fifth place with $93,060 cash prize.

An insatiable player who would not stop testing his power in the poker table, this champ went back to the US to join the Los Angeles Legends of Poker event in August 2005. But this time, luck was not on his side so he lost. In spite of this loss, though, this poker champ was not crestfallen and instead, continued to play more in other European poker tournaments where he was able hone his skills and win and earn more. So far, his total poker earnings exceed $950,000.

With Trumper's persistent character, success and more in the gambling industry are certainly within his reach. Officially ranked as second among the European professional poker players and fourth among the American poker masters, Trumper is an outstanding player and at the same time, an absolutely inspiring person. Remarkably, this poker champ retains his long record of wins and still thrives to survive in the poker world without being ashamed of his current disease, alopecia. Now, he is someone really worthy to be called a victor.