Skill Games Guide

Wed, 28 May 2008 04:22

Skill Games Guide

Listing games like bejeweled, chess and mahjong.

Online gaming that involves real money is never limited to casino games. Although they are more popular, skill games are also gradually gaining attention because they offer fun, excitement, and an array of wonderful prizes. Just some of the most popular skill games over the Web include Bejeweled, Mahjong, and Backgammon.


This computer game was first developed in 2001 by PopCap Games and since then has become a very popular online game. It was first named Diamond Mine, but the name was later on changed to Bejeweled. It was initially a single-player game but has recently been redesigned to allow head-to-head gaming. In Bejeweled, a player must swap adjacent jewels to form a line of 3 or more jewels of the same type or color. The more aligned jewels, the more points a player earns. The player who accumulates the most points wins.


A game with distinct Chinese origin, Mahjong is a game of strategy, calculation, and skills. These days, Mahjong comes in many different variations including Hong Kong Mahjong, Japanese Mahjong, Western Classical Mahjong, and American Mahjong. The original aim of this game is to build complete melds or suits of threes out of 13 or 16 tiles. The first one to reach this goal is declared the winner.


This popular board game is played by two players, whose aim is to be the first to remove all his pieces from the backgammon board. The movements of the pieces are determined by the dice, which are rolled alternately by the players. Until you know the complete rules and how to play backgammon you should'nt start playing at online backgammon sites , it's vital to know strategy and know-how about this game.

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Competition Based Games

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