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Slots, either the online or the real variety, is nonetheless a popular game. As a testament to its worldwide fame, its machine has different names in the countries who first accepted it as a casino game: United Kingdom's Fruit Machine, Australia's Poker Machine, and lastly, America's Slot Machine.

The main reason behind its fame is its player-friendly attribute even if most players find its objective a no-brainer – bet, pull the lever, and wait. Moreover, unlike most casino games, slots do not require a player to learn skills such as bluffing and card counting. Unfortunately, slots is a luck-driven game, which only makes it even more intriguing to play. Not to mention the lack of strict slots rules.

Slots also adjusted to the demands of its patrons. Nowadays, slots enthusiasts can choose between a real one-armed bandit and its virtual version. On the latter version, to play the game, one must simply the coin denomination of his choice, click the button, and wait for the virtual reels to hit a winning combination.

History Of Slots

Two New Yorkers' curiosity brought about the concept behind the slots games that we know today. In 1891, Mr. Sittman and Mr. Pitt manufactured a machine with five drums that have 50 card faces. These card faces were taken from community poker cards and have become the first slots reels. The poker machine captured the hearts of many gamblers in Brooklyn, and this prompted every bar and club in the said city to have its own slot machine. Back then, the players must insert a coin in the machine, pull the handle, and watch as the reels reveal a poker hand which meant that they won either a bottle of special beer or a free food.

After the success of Pitt and Sittman's machine, Charles Fey introduced his own version of the said machine, which he named “The Liberty Bell”. It was because of his need for a simple slot machine that Fey created one with only three reels that were designed deliberately with spades, hearts, diamonds, horseshoes, and of course, the Liberty Bell. During that time, a player who gets three bells wins the jackpot.

This coin-operated machine, which was composed of pure iron, was replaced by a fruit and gum machine. It was the Bell-Fruit Gum Company who first introduced the fruit machine to the gambling public. Aside from cash prizes, the said machine gave bubble gums each time its handle is pulled.

Slots Invades The World Wide Web

As mentioned, slots has not only reached different continents but has also conquered the Internet. The modern slot machines found online have sleek and interactive interface that are powered by software developers. With fantastic graphics derived from blockbuster movies, popular cartoons and TV shows, and special events, online slots has become the prime choice of players who do not have the luxury of time to visit real casinos.

These days, slots enthusiasts can choose between downloadable slots software and free online slots. But most players prefer the downloadable versions because of their slots variations and clearer and slicker graphic designs. Still, available are traditional slots games and progressive slots, which offer gargantuan prizes for very lucky and persistent players.

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