Slots Glossary

Sun, 08 Jun 2008 01:09

Slots Glossary

An article about terms and commonly used words for slots.

Being a novice in a game certainly puts pressure on every newbie even on the online scene. This is quite understandable as "walking" into an online casino makes you a target of every poker shark or blackjack expert. This is probably the reason most newbies prefer to pass their time and make their presence known playing online slots before moving up to more difficult money games. If you are a casino newbie or a novice in playing slots, you have to be aware that you are facing your biggest opponents: the house and Lady Luck. That said, you need all the help you can get. To assist you in playing online slots, here is a list of expressions, phrases, and terms which you are most likely to encounter while playing:

Slot Machine Components

These are the printed wheels that spin when you click the button that pulls the lever. Depending on the creativity of the slots' manufacturer or designer, the symbols on the reels can range from fruits to faces, or other thematic objects. The number of reels in a slot machine indicates whether it is a 3-reel or 5-reel one.

Usually located on the right side of slot machines this metal handle performs the same function as a spin button. Levers are usually included in slot machines as aesthetic features designed to call to mind the original mechanism of old machines.

Spin Button
Clicking the Spin button makes the reels rotate and display the combination generated by the RNG.

The acronym for Random Number Generator, a micro-computer program that generates numerical combinations in slot machines. These combinations dictate the outcome of a reel spin.

Betting Terms

This is the amount of cash you put into play or bet for a particular session.

This refers to the available amount the player can gamble.

Commonly termed as "wager," a bet describes the move of a player in placing his money down in hopes of a hit.

Bet Amount
Indicates how many credits are played in a given spin.

Bet One
This option means that a player bets one machine credit for a particular spin.

Bet Max
A player bets the maximum allowed amount for a reel spin.

Betting Limit
Each slot machine has its own minimum and maximum betting limit which sets the standard on how much a player can wager.

Credit Amount
This refers to the unused amount in a player's bankroll. This can increase or decrease depending on the wins or losses of the player.

Progressive Slots
A slot machine is progressive if it's linked to others. There is only one jackpot for these linked machines which increases as players bet more on individual machines.

Stop Loss
This refers to a preset money limit a player is ready to lose before ceasing play.

These are just some of the terms commonly found and used in online slots. If you encounter any phrase or term which you don't understand during the course of your game, do not be hesitant to ask for the site's customer support. Alternatively, you can also consult websites that provide information on slots.