Slots Rules

Sun, 08 Jun 2008 01:12

Slots Rules

An article about the rules of playing slots.

Playing slots does not really require superb acumen in Mathematics, although of course, one must be willing to do some math in anticipating the possible wins per spin. And although the history of the one-armed bandits directs us to the machines with levers, the strength in pulling these arms does not necessarily come as a factor in today's slots. Nowadays, it is safe to say that players must have a photographic memory that they can use to keep track of the symbols that appear on the screen.

In its strictest sense, slots has a set of jargons exclusive to its gaming rules. For one, its winning combinations, unlike those found in lotteries, are not composed of numbers. Although slots is famous for its 777 jackpot combo, they are basically made up of symbols that represent food (fruits), items (according to the theme represented by each slots game), or people (personalities that usually play as actors in the storyline carried by the slots games). As such, players should remember that to hit the jackpot is to win the 777 combo and the highest ranking symbol in the slots game.

Basically, there are myriads of online slots to choose from. So players need only to select which best fits their preference since the graphics of the game also adds to the excitement of the play as a whole. But as with all slots, the game comes with an icon that simply asks the players to click once they are ready to place their bets. This is done by selecting the denomination that they prefer to play. This they can do by referring to either side (most of the time it is the left) for the adjustment of the wager amount. Of course, the lower denominations offer longer playing time however small or big the players' bankroll is. However, there are slots that cater to all denominations while there are those that accept selective denominations. Players must be ready to risk their budget and update their account to meet the requirements of the game.

In slots, players have the full control in betting. They need to specify if they are up to regular or maximum bet by clicking the icon that represents either of the two ideas on the screen. This way, once the reels spin and stop to a winning combination, it will automatically compute the necessary prize that will reflect on the players' balance.

For the most part, majority of online slots have three reels. Some have five and even multiple. Players must be cautious in betting on any of the said types of slots as more reels mean large betting requirements, large winnings, and huge losses if Lady Luck does not permit the jackpot combo to appear.

Slots games also feature payout tables that players can use to determine the schedule of the pay per game. This chart is basically the key to understanding the luck-driven online game. As most players can see, there are no real losses in slots, only small payouts. Specially in multiple-reeled machines where there are various "consolation" prizes for combinations that actually does not make huge sense in reaching for the jackpot, there is a possibility that players can just play and win back their bankroll.