Slots Tips

Sun, 08 Jun 2008 01:15

Slots Tips

Free casino slot machine tip. An article about slots tips.

Strategy is one word often disassociated with playing online slots. Most online casino players would agree that slots is such a random game where too much depends on chance that devising a strategy is downright useless. As such, most players just bet whatever change they have and click the button that "pulls" the lever to send the reels spinning. The result? They bet little, strategize even less, and win next to nothing. If you are a player who wants to stretch his dollar without missing out on the fun and big winnings, it's high time you pay enough respect and attention to this once-basement game. Read on for tips that can make your slots experience more fun and financially rewarding:

1. Get familiar with the terms used in slots.

Know the jargon and common expressions used in the game. Most players rely on clues provided by experience to interpret what some commands or terms mean while losing money along the way. The more acquainted you are with slots terms, the better you can understand the game since most rules are explained using these words.

2. Pick a loose machine to play in.

Similar to poker where you need to pick out the best table to play in for your skill and limit level, it's also important to pick a loose machine when playing slots. Loose machines are those that give the casino little edge over the players, thus, increasing your chances of winning. Always remember that in playing slots, the looser the better.

3. Go for slots with minimum reels.

The RNG or the Random Number Generator dictates which symbols will appear once the reels stop spinning. The spinning is merely for show; while the machine is at rest, the RNG generates number combinations that correspond to the symbols that will be shown on the reel display. Thus, the more reels there are, the more combinations the RNG generates which lessen your chances of getting a hit.
4. Deposit coins instead of notes.

Most slot machines offer players two ways to "deposit" their money: by coin or notes. Casinos, especially those online, prefer that you deposit using notes since this usually means faster play. However, it also speeds up your losses if it's not your lucky day. So instead of depositing that $20 note, use quarters. It may make your game slower (you need to deposit after each spin), but it gives you the control over your bets and your game.

5. Know when to bet big and when not to.

Since chance is considered by many to be the main factor in slot winnings, many are tempted to bet big all the time. However, it's not wise to do so since betting big means that you are also risking a large amount. As a rule, never bet the maximum amount unless you are playing in multiplier bonus games or for progressive jackpots. These types of game do not require multiple spins like "Bet one" games but they do accept only maximum wagers. If you are not ready to risk your entire bankroll, skip these machines.

Playing slots can be fun and financially rewarding if you know how to make your choices work for you. Lastly, do not be influenced by greed -- chasing lost money is never a good idea and will only result in more losses. Quit while you're ahead so you'll have money to spend the next time you visit your online slots machine.