Slots Variations

Sun, 08 Jun 2008 01:14

Slots Variations

An article about online slot machines variations.

Slot machines are just as popular as other casino games such as roulette and blackjack.  The simple rules and game plan of slot machines are the primary reasons why people play them often.    

Slots Variations
Like other casino games, slots have its own variations.  These different variations attract many players, depending on their preference.  There are two kinds of slot machine games that have such variations: the slot machines that are land-based and the ones that can be found online.

Land-Based Slot Machines
Initially, these machines found in casinos were the ones that introduced slots to the world.  Many people still claim that this variation is by far the most exciting and fun slots that exists.  More often than not, a casino holds a wide selection of slot machines in progressive jackpot, 5 reel slots, and 3 reel slots.

Online Slot Machines

As time went on, technological developments soon gave birth to a new variation of slot machines -- those of the online kind.  Due to the fact that going to casinos are expensive, not to mention difficult, especially if one lives far away, online versions of this casino game is taking the world by storm.  As the demand for such programs grew, developers continued to make the game as exciting as possible.  In order to get a firmer hold on the target market, these developers soon created variations of the online slot machine.  Online versions of the game became popular since they offer certain features like slots FAQ, where people can get answers to the questions about slots that plague them and interrupt their game.  

As the popularity of online slots grow, numerous programs were born.  The Internet has a lot of options to download slot machine game.  There are also a lot of reading materials available for those who are looking for tips on how to win at slots.

Most Common Slots Variations:

1.  Free Slots
These variation is available in most online casinos and this is what newbies play before they join or sign up with the experienced players.  This mode is set at fun, thus no one is required to deposit a certain amount in order to try it.  Of course this means that should one hit all the jackpot combination, other players would not get anything as a prize.

2.  Multiple Payline, 5 Reel Single, and 3 Reel Slots

Of the many types and variations of online slot machines, these are the ones that are the most popular.  These versions are patterned closely with the conventional slots that are found in Atlantic City or Las Vegas.  People find these versions fun and entertaining to play because they are available in either multiple or single paylines, giving a player more options.

3.  Bonus Slots
These variation involves slot machines that offer a bonus round to the player.  People enjoy this because their winnings can be doubled or even tripled.

4.  Progressive Slots
Among the many online variations of slot machine games, progressive slots are the ones who give a player a higher chance of a big jackpot.  Despite the fact that the possibility of winning is slim, the winner still can take home an unbelievably large amount of money.

Slots in land-based or online casinos will always be a part of a player's gambling routines. The many variations of slots only prove that this casino game will forever be a hit among newbie and professional casino enthusiasts.