Special Bets

Fri, 30 May 2008 13:30

Special Bets

Are scores and half time - Full time bets and more.

There are times when even punters look for a variation in their usual betting activities. There are different types of bets that a punter can choose from. One of these variations of betting is the special bets.

* Special Bets as "Special" bets
Special bets are called as such because these are different from the other common bets made by bettors in a sportsbook site. The biggest difference here is the fact that special bets are not wholly concentrated on the final result of a particular game. This is one reason why gamblers and those who are fond of placing bets online are less likely to make special bets.

However, one of the coolest things about special bets is that you can actually gain an advantage from the bets you have previously made. So while you place your usual bets, you also add in some special bets for a chance of extra advantage or winning. This type of bet may be found in different sports/games such as football as well as in various casino games.

* Special Bet as mugs game
Special bets are known by professional punters as a mugs game. When you are already about to make a bet, you will most likely encounter a lot of possible choices for special bets. Usually, these choices come in attractive figures. They appear in very affordable and down to earth prices, usually at 6.00 or 6.50. However, these attractive figures are the very reason why bookies make a huge profit from special bets. Take note that these attractive figures come with a catch.

* The over/under bets in special bets
A betting option has developed under the special bets. This is the over/under bet. Punters who are already well-versed in statistics can appreciate this particular betting option. The similarity shared by special bets on other types of bets is that special bets also rely heavily on statistics.

In addition to the statistical data, you can also make use of your instinct or gut feel in the over/under type of bet. In football, for example, you can use your gut feel in predicting the number of goals the game might or might not produce. However, you have to be careful with this kind of betting skill. This is due to the fact that making predictions does not necessarily spell accuracy. You have to keep a level-headed mind frame once you choose to participate in special bets.

* Scores
You can make use of a spreadsheet in listing the scores and making your corresponding analysis. Just be careful because there are instances when games listed under the losing category can actually come up as the winning game in the next actual play. These are the instances when patterns from the records of games you played, which are supposedly there to assist you in making predictions, do not come out as much help. Sometimes, people make the mistake of regarding the goal scoring bets as a value. Professional punters know this well and only amateur ones make this mistake.

* Half time/Full time bets
You might also get interested in the half time and full time bets for these have the potential to create profitable bets. These bets are the integrated results of the half time and full time games. There can be nine probable combinations for these bets, hence, the payout can be much higher than the regular bet.