Sports Betting Glossary

Thu, 29 May 2008 23:53

Sports Betting Glossary

A detailed look on sports betting glossary

When you get into sports betting, you will encounter lots of jargons and terms, which you have to know by all means. Remember, all these will affect, in one way or another, your betting decision and it would do you a lot of good if you start learning them now. To help you, a list of sports betting words and phrases is presented below.

Accumulator – Also sometimes referred to as “Parlay.” It is a multiple bet involving two or more teams, which must all win.

Action – The bet or wager.

ATS – An acronym for “against the spread.”

Backed – A team on which bettors placed the most bets.

Beard – A person who bets for another person, who happens to be the real bettor.

Beef – A bet-related disagreement.

Bettor – The person who makes a bet.

Bookmaker – A person who receives bets.

B.R. – An acronym for bankroll.

Chalk – The favorite team.

Chalk Player – A person who typically bets on the chalk.

Circle Game – A game wherein bet is limited because of certain factors such as weather, injuries, and rumors.

Dime – A $1000-bet.

Dog – The underdog team, which is widely believed to lose.

Dog Player – Someone who bets on the underdog.

Dollar – A $100-bet.

Exotic – A bet besides a parlay or straight bet.

Exposure – A maximum sum of money that a sportsbook is likely to lose.

Favorite – The team that acquired the most bets. It is therefore perceived to win.

Firing – The act of betting too much.

First half bet – A bet on the first half of the game.

Future – A bet on a future sports event.

Get Down – To make a bet.

Half time bet – A bet on the second half of the event.

Handicapping – The act of predicting sports results.

Hoops – A slang used for basketball.

Juice – Often referred to as “vigorish,” it is the commission given to a bookmaker.

Jolly – A slang word for “favorite.”

Limit – The maximum amount of bet that would be accepted before the odds change.

Line – The present odds on a particular sports event.

Lock – A reference to a team that is certain to win.

Longshot – A team that is not perceived to win.

Middle – When a bettor wins both sides of the sports events.

NBA – An acronym for National Basketball Association.

Neutral Site – A playing field where no team has a home field edge.

Nickel – A $500-bet.

Off the Board – A game where there is no accepted bet.

Odds Maker – A person who sets the odds.

Pick or Pick’ Em – A game where there is no favored team.

Player – Also referred to as bettor.

Sharp – A good and expert bettor.

Sides – Refers to the competing teams, that is, the favorite and the underdog.

Sportsbook – Also commonly referred to as “book,” sportsbook is a company or firm that accepts bets.

Square – The opposite of sharp.

Taking the Price – Betting on the underdog.

Tie – A draw, meaning there were neither winnings nor losses in a particular game.

Wise Guy – A bettor or handicapper who is experienced and informed.