Starting Hands In Poker

Wed, 04 Jun 2008 22:25

Starting Hands In Poker

Poker starting hands.

The way a player handles his poker hands greatly affects the outcome of a game. In order to get the best out of any game, getting any of the most advantageous starting hands in poker is definitely a key.

Aside from knowing the different starting hands in this card game, determining the probability of getting a specific hand is also helpful. Since this game involves strategies and psychological tactics, thinking ahead can definitely help a player in the long run. A player may have mastered the mathematical principle behind this game but ignoring limitations such as odds and probabilities may ruin a well-planned strategy. In fact, a good online poker strategy should also be based on a probability or a basic statistical data.

So as to access probability stats for certain starting poker hands, visiting online poker rooms can help since there are a lot of them offering different probabilities for a certain hand. According to poker experts, if a player gets one of the strong starting hands in an online Texas Hold 'em poker game, he should thank his lucky stars.

To further understand the concept behind a game of Texas Hold 'em poker, a player must first know that there's a total of 2,652 starting hands possible. This number can be procured by multiplying 52 to 51 since there are 52 cards in a deck. But since getting the same cards in any order is just the same, dividing 2,652 by two can help narrow down the possibilities. If the suit hierarchy is removed, the possibility becomes 169, a number that can be easily dealt with when planning poker strategies. So with 169 as the maximum number of initial sets that a player can possibly get, 13 of them can be pairs, 78 are suited unmatched cards, and 78 can be unsuited and unmatched pairs.

Once this concept behind this card game is grasped, knowing the slang names of each starting hand will help a player blend in the crowd, especially if he's just a beginner. Here's a list of several of the most advantageous starting hands a player could get, the odds of getting them, and their slang names.

Double Ace

Also known as "American Airlines", "pocket rockets", and "bullets", a double Ace is definitely a strong starting poker hand. The odds of having a pair like this according to some poker gurus is like 13 out of 169 and as indicated by the computation mentioned above.

Double King

Commonly referred to as "cowboys", this pair is also a good starting hand in this card game. The chances of getting a pair like this is also 13 out of 169.

King and Queen of the same suits

A pair like this is known as "marriage". This pair is a strong starting hand and the chances of getting this is 78 out of 169.

Ace and King of varying suits

Popularly known as "big slick", the odds of getting a strong pair such as this is 78 out of 169.