Steve Dannenmann

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 21:48

Steve Dannenmann

A poker biography of Steve Dannenmann.

Quick Information

Name - Steve Dannenmann

Born - August 15th 1966, Brooklyn Park, Maryland, United States

Poker Room - Not Available


What does "professional" means? For most people, this word describes an expert in his field, someone who is trusted because of his knowledge. But, how about "professional poker player?" For Steve Dannenmann, a $4.25 million poker champ, players who do not have day jobs are worthy of the said title. But before anyone gets offended by this statement, people can look at the bright side. Maybe, what Dannenmann really means is, those people who have quit their day jobs to devote their lives to poker are worthy to be called "professional poker players."

In such case, Dannenmann does not consider himself as one because he will never leave his own company and job as a Certified Public Accountant. After obtaining a CPA certificate and a business administration degree at age 23, this man put up a personal business in his hometown, Maryland, where he deals with financial and tax clients. Aside from being a CPA, he is also a loan officer for a mortgage company and a financial adviser, making him a busy fellow. But though Dannenmann is firm with his life's goals, which he thrives to achieve, he still rewards himself for all his hardships at work. After every tax season of the year, he gives himself a gift such as a new car, a vacation, or a new golf apparel.

Even with this 'regular' job, Dannenmann proves that anyone can still enter the poker realm successfully. In 2005, Dannenmann treated himself an entry to the WSOP Main Event, and his friend, Jerry Ditzell, helped him by sharing with him half of the $10,000 entry fee. Amazingly, this gift became the most special because the $10,000 became more than a million dollars in the 36th World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. In the said event, he earned a whopping total of $4,250,000, an amount which he split with Ditzell. Since then, he plays poker in different major tourneys such as the Bellagio Weekly Tournaments, WSOP Tournament of Champions, Bellagio Cup II, Borgata Winter Open, and more.

Because this poker champ is a superstitious man, he thought of that Main Event experience lucky and was convinced to stay active in the poker community. He wears a similar shirt in all his consecutive tourneys because of his superstition that luck will disappear if he changes the shirt that he wore during his 'first' day. He also never rides a cab with a plate number that does not end with eight, or any even number, and never allows his wife to watch him live in his main event games. But even when he believes in luck and superstitions, his wins show more than just luck. On his second year alone in poker, Dannenmann has earned more than $4,000,000.

Truly an outstanding man, Dannenmann lives by his beliefs with dignity and with all his abilities, he tries to do his balancing act with work just to play poker. For him, anyone can do both at the same time provided that the person only has discipline in himself.