Steve Paul Ambrose

Mon, 24 Nov 2008 02:36

Steve Paul Ambrose

A poker biography of Steve Paul Ambrose.

Quick Information

Name - Steve Paul Ambrose

Born - N/A

Current Residence - Ontario, Canada

Poker Rooms - Poker Stars

Poker Stars Handle - N/A


As one of the newbie members of professional poker, Steve Paul-Ambrose has proven that he’s got what it takes to play with the best poker players. He is best known to have converted a $22 turbo satellite Internet qualifier into a whopping $1,388.600 cash winning. His star in profession poker has continued to shine since then.

Paul-Ambrose was just a normal student at Ontario, Canada’s University of Waterloo back in 2006. He was a Science and Business major. When he found many of his college buddies getting into Texas Hold’em poker, he studied the game and was soon playing with them.

When he was younger, he never really got too interested in poker as a game. His uncle and brother would talk about their poker hands, and he won’t be that into the conversation. Paul-Ambrose hadn’t really thought of trying the game. It was the Chris Moneymaker win of the 2003 World Series Main Event, which he watched with his college roommates, that inspired him to give poker a shot. That was when he began to learn and practice the game. He then began playing at PokerStar’s website and pretty soon he was earning some cash.

Paul-Ambrose took the next big step when he qualified for the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure that was to be held in the Bahamas. This was in 2005. By January of the next year, he was playing with some of professional poker’s greatest players. As luck would have it, he clinched the title and the winnings. The cash prize that went with the win was an amazing $1,388,600. This event changed his life.

When he could have easily sidled back into the background, Paul-Ambrose embraced his newfound popularity and went on to join poker’s big leagues. He became a member of Team PokerStars. He now had his face all over the posters at the tournament venues. Paul-Ambrose continued his streak of cash winnings with several more tournaments under his belt. In the 2007 World Series, he made it to the final table of $5,000 Mixed Hold’em. Here, he was able to finish fourth with cash winnings of $146,259. Soon enough, he was playing again at the BellagioCup III. Again he made it to the $5,000 Hold’em event, where he finished at third place and with $97,460 in winnings.

In game play, Paul-Ambrose has been known to play a tight game. Sometimes though, he’s been criticized as being “too tight.” He’s been known to fold in questionable spots. Even Paul-Ambrose himself would rue about this flaw. However, he thinks that there are tables where one would benefit from being conservative and there are tables where one can play the aggressor. Whichever the case, Paul-Ambrose has enough cash winnings to back his steady game play.

When away from the poker tables, Paul-Ambrose studies and is trying to finish his degree. He is even thinking of going further and getting a master’s degree in Economics. In his free time, he prefers to cook, play golf, read books, and spend time with his fiancée.