Straight Bet

Fri, 30 May 2008 13:30

Straight Bet

The most popular sports wager type.

Sports enthusiasts always look forward to any sport or game because apart from watching an exciting game, they can also have the chance to bet. Sports betting and sportsbooking are popular for both men and women because they can have the chance to win cold cash after an interesting game.

A bettor, whether he prefers to be involved in an ordinary sports betting or online sportsbooking, should understand the various concepts in betting. This can help him increase his chances of winning and in avoiding to be cheated by fraudulent bookmakers. One of the relevant concepts in online sportsbooking is the kinds of sports wagers. There are different sports wager types depending on the kind of sports. There are the European style and North American style of placing bets.

The European style have sports wagering called singles, doubles, each-way single, and super heinz. Meanwhile, the Northern American style are known to have sports wagers such as parlay, totals, if-win bets, and mixed teasers. The most typical way of placing bets in this style is straight bet.

Straight Bet: The Most Popular Sports Wager Type
Straight bet is often called as a straight wager. All bettors are familiar with this kind of sports wagering because this is the most typical and popular way of betting. When a bettor decides to have a straight bet, it means that he will favor one team over another through a point spread. A point spread is the number of points by which the stronger or favored team can be expected to defeat the other team. Using the point spread, the favorite will give the unfavored or underdog team some points for a head start. The bettor will give the favorite a minus sign while the underdog gets a positive sign. As an example, the favorite can have -7 points and the underdog can have +7 points. The points that the bettor will give to the teams should be the estimated number that is going to create fair wagering on both teams.

In betting, the game result is computed by noting the final score and deducting points from the score of the favorite team. This can also be done by adding the final score to the score of the underdog. The catch here is a favorite may win the match but be defeated when it comes in betting purposes. Likewise, an underdog may lose the game but win it in betting.

Moreover, a bettor must keep in mind that in almost all straight bets that are set by point spreads, the player or bettor should lay $11 for each $10 that he wants to win.

Example of A Straight Bet
If a new bettor does not understand how to make a straight bet, here is a useful example:

A bettor may favor San Francisco 49ers by seven points over the Arizona Cardinals. If the bettor likes to win $10 on San Francisco 49ers, he should give Arizona Cardinals seven points. When the San Francisco 49ers wins by over seven points, the bettor who favors the Arizona Cardinals will win $10. However, if the game result shows that the San Francisco 49ers loses or wins by less than seven points, then the bettor will lose a total of $11.  

Straight bet is just one of the numerous ways of wagering in online sportsbooks. A bettor can try other types of sports wagering to fully enjoy betting and to acquire more cash when he wins.