Surinder Sunar

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 21:52

Surinder Sunar

A poker biography of Surinder Sunar.

Quick Information

Name - Surinder Sunar

Born - Punjab, India

Poker Room - Not Available


When you've possession of a name that sounds far too much like "surrender" for its own good, you tend to have people make assumptions about how you play poker. After all, if poker's Chris Moneymaker is any indication, a name can say a lot about a player's ability. Of course, one might argue that Surinder Sunar is someone who defies convention, coldly ignoring taunts from a very rough, abrasive opponent in a high-stakes competition in Paris.

In fact, the Paris victory over Tony G. can easily be considered a defining moment in just how stoic and lacking in emotion he can be whenever he's playing. Taunted and intimidated by Tony right from the get-go of the event, Sunar remained silent and unmoved by the time the game had come down to him and Tony as the final players. Still brushing off taunts thrown at him, Sunar eventually won the competition and, rather unsurprisingly, showed no emotion at all after winning.

Sunar is one of a rising number of talented poker players coming from Europe and Asia and is renowned for his incredible level of composure and calm amidst the veritable storm of vitriolic, venomous, offensive insults and attacks. In fact, most people are unable to recall a single instance that the player from Wolverhampton, England had actually lost his temper and played poorly. Fading into the shadows of a poker game and becoming nearly invisible, Sunar has an unassuming appearance that makes most players who've never played him before feel easy and confident. That same demeanor, however, is something that previous opponents have come to deeply respect.

Born in the Punjab area of India, Sunar is also a registered black belt and is considered just as talented at the martial art as in poker. Being especially private and introverted, Sunar is not fond of giving anyone the intimate details of his personal life, going so far as to neither confirm nor deny the birth date that has been associated with him. His silent personality, quiet calm, and "precision strike" playing style have earned him a nickname that calls up images of some of nature's stealthiest predators, "The Cobra."

Perhaps the one flaw in his game is his lack of fondness for the level of concentration required for high-stakes competitions. He himself has admitted that being made aware of certain things, such as the demise of the late Princess Diana, has given him trouble in concentrating enough to play well. Incidentally, he went on to win the tournament after being told of the princess' untimely demise, though he is often said to have done so under great mental duress. That, many consider, is the one thing that is keeping him from sweeping tournament after tournament.

While Sunar is a little rusty in the high-stakes competition scene at the moment, fellow players close to him report that he's working on getting back to his best poker game, so a return of the ruthless poker juggernaut may be impending.

Sunar is also considered a very inventive player, always willing and able to come up with a new approach to a given situation. He has not only shown creativity and wit at the poker table; he's also wielded his mental talents in gracefully avoiding questions about matters he considers private during interviews.