Ted Forrest

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 21:59

Ted Forrest

A poker biography of Ted Forrest.

Quick Information

Name - Ted Forrest

Born - 1964, Syracuse, New York, United States

Poker Room - Not Available


Cross-training, some experts say, is the key to victory, while specialization is the key to defeat. While the truth of the statement is arguable, depending on the field in question, no one can doubt that the cross-training philosophy has done wonders for the gambling career of Ted "Spooky" Forrest, considered as an excellent "any game" player but, by no means, a specialist in a particular variation. His WSOP bracelets were from competitions in different variants of poker -- quite different from players who have earned theirs from only a single type of poker. Forrest, however, has yet to hit the big one and win the main event of the WSOP.

He himself has openly admitted that his key to success is his nonchalant disregard for financial concerns, which has lead him to make risky bets that other players, mindful of their bankroll, would not make. Having little concern over the money he might potentially be throwing away is an advantage, particularly in high-stakes cash games, where most players would prefer to keep as much of the money as possible but still maintain an aggressive stance. For Forrest, he has no such limitation and can be as aggressive as he believes the situation calls for, without any real regard to the possibility of a sweeping loss.

His distaste for thinking too much about money has led him to some ill-advised financial moves, such as providing bankrolls for players who don't have the skill to return his "investment" in them. A competitive cash-game player, his appearances in the WSOP were cut for a few years because of his focus on small-scale cash games. However, his reemergence in the high-stakes competition scene in 2004 was far from disastrous, as he showed no signs of table rust and earned two bracelets for himself.

He has shown no signs of specializing in a specific variation of the rules, though he is often described as having an affinity for stud and less of a talent for the many forms of hold'em. Despite such descriptions, he has shown considerable talent and has won a number of hold'em competitions, as well as a handful of WSOP bracelets for Omaha and Hi-Lo hold'em. His flexibility has served him well in his career, though many believe he would not be able to succeed against a specialist at their game of choice.

Aside from his game, Forrest is also recognized for his willingness to accept challenges of the physical variety, provided a suitable wager was in place. In one instance, he had won a bet that he would be unable to perform a successful standing backflip while participating in a WSOP tournament. Another of his more dangerous stunts was an attempt to bench press 225 pounds in one day, which resulted in Forrest tearing a pectoral.

Oddly, Forrest has admitted that three out of his five WSOP bracelets have been stolen over the years. His daughter received one of them and the final bracelet is kept hidden, somewhere 'safe.'