The Poker Uniform

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 18:21

The Poker Uniform

The official dress of poker players.

Indeed, the use of a poker uniform is becoming more prevalent. When playing online poker, wearing some sort of poker uniform may have no bearing at all because you're not really seen by your opponents. In a landbased setting however, spectators and opponents would be seeing what you are wearing. While there are no strict rules on what to wear in a live poker game, it would do you well to know the advantages of wearing certain poker uniform accessories.

Poker Uniform: jerseys

A lot of individuals wear a football or basketball jersey when playing poker. A jersey may have personalized designs based on their favorite number, or the jersey could say "I love Mike the Mouth." The benefit of wearing a jersey for some is that this could put the wearer into a more "sporting mood," giving him or her more confidence. Of course, even if one wears his or her lucky Michael Jordan's number on the jersey, on the pants, and on the shoes all at the same time, he or she will always be a poor player if he or she doesn't have good strategies.

Poker uniform: sunglasses

Some players wear sunglasses because they think it looks cool. For some veterans though,  they wear it to hide their eyes, making it difficult for opponents to read their moves. Some pro poker players actually wear sunglasses throughout the game. A disadvantage, however, of using a pair of sunglasses as your trademark piece when playing is that it can make you misinterpret the tells exhibited by your opponents, which could then give you a wrong sense of security.

Poker uniform: headphones

Some players use headphones because listening to their favorite music keeps their adrenaline levels pumping throughout the game. There are those who don't like using headphones at all because it prevents them from hearing the announcements said in the course of the play. A word of caution though. In many tourneys, some gagdgets are not allowed at the poker table. If your music-playing gadget is actually a mobile phone, better ask permission first before bringing your mobile phone/ MP3 player into the tournament table.

Poker uniform: hats

A baseball cap may suggest that the wearer has a youthful and sporty personality, but of course, it could only be speculation at best. If you plan to wear your favorite hat during a poker tournament, make sure that you are comfortable with wearing a hat for long periods of time. Wearing something on your head can get hot, especially during a long poker tournament.

If you wish to make a statement, then you can wear a special costume as your poker uniform. Just make sure that you'll feel comfortable wearing it even if you have to sit down for five hours. Keep in mind that being comfortable can help you think clearly especially when faced with a stressful or difficult situation during a poker game. And if you think you have a lucky shirt or pants, better wear them because in a poker game, luck can make anything happen.