Thor Hansen

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 22:02

Thor Hansen

A poker biography of Thor Hansen.

Quick Information

Name - Thor Hansen

Born - Oslo, Norway

Poker Room - Not Available


Thor Hansen developed his poker skills at a very young age, when he was considered a little master of numbers. When he was just eight years old, Thor was tasked to add the total items sold in the store of their family in their hometown in Oslo, Norway. As a young boy, he also often sneaked into the back room of the grocery to watch his father and brother and other townspeople play poker. Thor often played with the other players every time his father and brother would take a break and by the time his father and brother returned, he already had more money in his hand.

However, at the age of 13, Thor dropped out of school and began working in a local hotel. Despite having a regular paying job, Thor recalls making more money from poker games and billiards. He first made a career out of playing billiards. He participated in several pro billiard tournaments and won in most of them. One time in 1973, Thor played against an American, who held three world championship titles, in a tournament broadcasted over Norwegian television. Thor won the match, but the world-renowned American grumbled about the game rules. Thor and the gaming officials agreed to a rematch, which was set according to the American's rules. However, Thor won again in the rematch, and that victory established his name in the billiard industry.

But Thor eventually found playing billiards as less lucrative. He then tried his hand in poker, hoping that his childhood poker skillswill earn him more victories and more money. He played several backroom cash games for a long time, until he decided in 1988 to join in his first major tournament, which required him to travel to Yugoslavia, since poker tournaments lacked legality in many regions in Scandinavia.

In his participation in the "Championship of Poker" in Dubrovnik, Thor emerged as the winner, taking home the first prize. But his fortune did not end there. He was discovered in the said tournament by a poker game promoter who invited him to visit Las Vegas and participate in many tournaments. Realizing his big break, Thor immediately went to America, bringing with him his Scandinavian championship title, which earned him a special entry at the prestigious "World Series of Poker" tournament. The rest, as they say, is poker history.

Thor, through his childhood mastery of poker and numbers, now enjoys the status of an accomplished tournament player. He has a million-dollar career to brag about, together with two bracelets from WSOP, one from the "Seven Card Stud" event in 1988 and another from the "Ace to Five Lowball" in 2002. From those two major events, Thor earned a total of $220,600 prize.

He also won $42,900 after placing second in the "Omaha Limit" tournament of the 2002 WSOP. In 2004, Thor placed first in two major tournaments, one in the "L.A. Poker Classic Limit Hold 'em" where he won $139,830 and the other in the "Five-Diamond World Poker Classic Seven Card" where he won $64,018. More recently, Thor almost captured his third WSOP gold bracelet when he placed third in the "$1,000 No Limit Hold 'em" game of the 2005 WSOP and took home $55,790.