Todd Brunson

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 22:06

Todd Brunson

A poker biography of Todd Brunson.

Quick Information

Name - Todd Brunson

Born - August 7th 1969, El Paso, Texas, United States

Poker Room - Doyles Room


Having a legendary poker master for a father does not guarantee anyone an abrupt start in establishing his or her own career. In the case of Todd Bronson, being raised by the famous poker star Doyle Bronson meant a more laid back kind of childhood. He wasn't immediately exposed to the game of poker, like many people would easily assume. Todd, together with two other sisters, grew up with a level of freedom from their parents, as he and his sisters often went on road trips to the border in Juarez, Mexico just to have fun. Todd's family moved from state to state when he was growing up, but when he was 18, Todd decided to stay in Texas to take his college degree at Texas Tech, in the town of Lubbock, when his parents moved to Las Vegas.

After three years in the university, Todd suddenly decided to play poker professionally instead of going to law school. But Todd's problem at that time was that his only poker experience he had was for a major poker tournament, when he flew to Australia with his father, after graduating high school. So, what Todd did to enhance his playing skills was to play frequently with his friends until he was good enough to join a tournament.

Todd first joined the "Diamond Jim Brady" competition held at the "Los Angeles' Bicycle Club" when he was 21. The tournament was considered as among the famous poker events around the world back then, and Todd successfully won first place and took home the $200,000 grand prize. The victory prompted Todd to leave the university and concentrate full time on his poker career.

He followed his debut victory by winning his first "World Series of Poker" bracelet from the "$2,500 Omaha Hi-Lo Split" category in 2005. Todd eventually went on to win major cash prizes in 13 WSOP tournaments and four "World Poker Tour" events. He also played successfully in other well-known poker events like the "Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament," the "Hall of Fame Poker Classic," the "First Annual Jack Binion World Poker Open," and the "Plaza Ultimate Poker Challenge" in 2004.

Todd indeed has achieved so much success from several tournaments, but he still prefers playing high-stakes cash games because of the great prizes. Later on, Todd was again attracted to the tournament scene, which enjoyed much success through the help of interactive television and Internet coverage of major events. He again played in WSOP, the "Ultimate Poker Challenge," and the "Poker Superstars Invitational," which continuously fed his account and earned him recognition from the international audience.

Today, Todd enjoys the same wealth and fame his father earned from playing poker. He uses this wealth and fame to do other activities that will further promote the game of poker and, of course, give him more money. He currently represents, the poker room of his father, and has written a section called "Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo" for the book "Super System 2," a follow-up book to his dad's "Super/System" book, and a chapter in the upcoming poker creation of Daniel Negreanu.