Tom Franklin

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 22:29

Tom Franklin

A poker biography of Tom Franklin.

Quick Information

Name - Tom Franklin

Born - Not Available

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Tom “The Captain” Franklin has been playing poker for more than 20 years now and even if he already has a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet to brag about, he intends to keep playing until he reaches that dream of earning three major titles in one year. This American professional poker player who was hailed from the city of Fresno in California owns a respectable track record in playing in live tournaments. So far, the highlight of his career is when he inched his way to cash in a whopping $10,000 for grabbing the 24th spot in the 1990 WSOP No Limit Hold'em challenge. This is an impressive job considering that it was his first time to join in a WSOP event. In 2005, Tom Franklin added more luster to his already shining career when he emerged as the victor in another No Limit Hold'em event at the Five Diamond Classic held in Bellagio Casino, taking home $434,025 of total winnings.

Personal Bits and Pieces
Captain Tom Franklin now resides in Gulfport, Massachusetts together with his five loving kids and a very supportive wife. When not holding cards and sitting around the poker table to battle pros like him, you can see him doing his other favorite pastimes. Aside from playing poker, Tom Franklin is also fond of swinging his golf club. If pastimes are a collection of love affairs, then music definitely counts as one of his flings. The captain plays the drums and he is often spotted in his Massachusetts house jamming with his likewise musically-inclined children. Tom Franklin is not only good in cashing in big time in live poker tournaments and creating sounds from drums that are music to the ears. The captain also loves singing and he is very good at it.

Professional Tidbits
So far, the total earnings of Captain Tom Franklin is nearing the $2.5M mark. Although Franklin is good at many styles of poker games, the No Limit style still remains his favorite. He managed to snatch up three championship titles under the No Limit category in poker competitions. It was in 1970 when he first tried his luck on poker and from then on, he improved his skills to get to where he is right now. As of now, Tom Franklin is a well-respected professional poker player who is known to dominate the tables and is making his strides to achieve the prestigious appellation of being a world poker legend. With the remarkable digits he continues to mark on his scoreboard, Franklin's dream may just be some gameplay away. When asked who among the top players in the poker world he most look up to, the Captain's answer –- Scotty Nguyen.

Career Highlights
Below is the list of the live tournaments and the categories where Tom Franklin came out as the winner:

1st - Bellagio Cup II Tournament
No Limit Hold'em

1st - Midwest Regional Poker
No Limit Hold'em

1st - Bellagio Five Diamond World Poker Classic / WPT Event Season 4
No Limit Hold'em

1st - 30th Annual World Series of Poker
WSOP Limit Omaha