Tom McEvoy

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 22:24

Tom McEvoy

A poker biography of Tom McEvoy.

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Name - Tom McEvoy

Born - Nov 14th 1944, Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

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Known in the poker circuit as "Poker Chump", Tom McEvoy earned the veneration of fellow poker players not only because of his adept skills of the game, but because he is a genuine poker gentleman. He is resolutely opposed to smoking and is an advocate of non-smoking tournaments. As a matter of fact, he managed to talk Benny Binion Behnen into making the WSOP a non-smoking tourney in 2002 by offering poker lessons to Behnen. He is also an advocate of uniform rules, pushing for an establishment of a disciplinary committee on rule violations and dealer abuses. Tom's goal in poker does not only revolve around winning as many titles and bracelets as he can; his aspirations the game is for it to earn the worldwide respect it deserves both from enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts.

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 14, 1944, Tom's respect for the game of poker was perhaps instilled to him at the young age of 5. He learned to play the game in his early childhood while comfortably sitting on his grandmother's knee. In fact, when he was still a grade school student, poker would often land him into trouble because he's often caught playing it. Back then, poker was just a game to him. It would not be until the later years of his life that he will consider poker as something more than just a pastime.

A graduate of Ferris State University, Tom gets his living by working as an accountant. Although he was already earning a decent income that way, he found out that he was getting more money off playing poker every weekend than he does on his nine-to-five job. This is why when he was let go by his employer in 1978, he proceeded to focus more on playing poker. The next year, Tom went to Las Vegas to begin his new and more interesting career.

Since poker is not an uncharted territory for Tom, it did not take him long to penetrate the upper echelons of poker professionals. In 1983, Tom won his first World Series of Poker bracelet, although it was not on the main event. However, just six days after his win, he once again bested other players and obtained another title to add to his belt. But his winnings did not end there. In the following years, Tom went on to garner more accomplishments to add to his growing collection. He won two more WSOP bracelets, a Hall of Fame title, a Super Bowl title, an Irish Championship, and some 29 money finishes. He also wrote and co-wrote numerous books on poker including "Tournament Poker", "Championship Hold'em" (which he co-wrote with another poker whiz, TJ Cloutier), and "How to Win at Poker Tournaments."

When not playing poker, Tom is just your average Joe. Aside from playing poker, Tom's other hobbies he enjoys include collecting United Nations stamps, watching movies, and dining at fancy restaurants. He claims that his favorite movie is "Deliverance" while his favorite place is The Blue Lagoon in Bora Bora. He also likes to listen to Country Western music, Classical music, and 50's and 60's Rock n' Roll. At present, Tom resides in Las Vegas, Nevada and is still a well-known and well-respected figure in the poker arena.