Tournament Overview

Fri, 06 Jun 2008 00:28

Tournaments Overview

Tournament Poker Strategy.

A poker tournament is held to determine the ultimate victors among poker players. There are generally various types of poker games that have emerged and take place for a particular tournament.

Single table no limit tournaments
Single table no limit tournaments are also called "sit and go" or SNG tournaments. This kind of tournament is immensely well-known in the gambling world. They are so popular that they take place both at the land-based and online casinos. Single-table tournaments are commonly found in several online poker tournaments while they become satellites to multi-table tournaments, and oftentimes played in a winner-take-all fashion. There are plenty of flops during the first stages of this tournament. During the middle stage the player is expected to concentrate more on blinds. The pre-flop becomes the most important in the latter stages.

Advanced single table no limit tournaments can be better understood when juxtaposed with the regular single table no limit tournaments. Players are generally advised to choose the latter over the former since the advanced single table no limit tournament has only a few pre-flops. The blinds increase at a faster rate so advanced single table no limit tournaments lacks enough time to roll down into a pre-flop all-in or fold fest. Players have less chances to determine their strengths because of rare occurrence of reduced variance in advanced single table no limit tournaments.

Multi-table no limit tournaments
The emergence of World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker has added popularity to the multi-table no limit tournaments. However, this kind of tournament is the one most likely to be avoided by most players because there is much probability of losing here. Multi-table no limit tournament is distinct from the others. For one reason, bluffing is highly advised to be kept at low levels not only because of the presence of numerous players, but also because the chips are much lower in value than the pot money. This makes bagging the prize a difficult feat. Much bluffing, too, makes a participant lose in this tournament. For the participant to survive, he must be able to maintain the number of his chips with the other players'.

Multi-table limit tournaments
Multi-table limit tournaments is a poker tournament where many tables at a time are at play. Consequently, there is more traffic for this kind of tournament. The prizes for the games also vary according to the total figure of participants and the qualification process. A participant for multi-table tournaments is obliged to spend considerable time because of the length the tournament takes. In this kind of tournament the player is expected to focus more on bagging the pots. The gap concept also works effectively for this kind of tournament.