Tournament Variants

Fri, 06 Jun 2008 00:32

Tournament Variants

An overview of different tournaments.

Every type of game has its special events where players can test their skills and prove who among them is indeed the best. Online poker, for instance, has its tournaments that are held during specific parts of the year. In an online tournament, you, along with your opponents, would pay a registration fee and would be given equal numbers of chips. The stakes would increase as the game progresses, and in the end of the tournament the prizes will be distributed accordingly to the main winner, to the second placer, and so on. In addition, tournaments have several variants, and knowing about each one will help in choosing which type to focus on.      

Single table no limit tournaments lets you focus on one group of opponents. As its name implies, this is a poker game where there is no maximum limit which determines how much you can raise or bet in a game. However, there is an exception that you may bet only up to the amount of chips you presently have on the virtual table. In online single table no limit tournaments, there is a specific maximum number of chips you are allowed to buy in with. This varies though depending on the sizes of the blinds, which pertain to a required bet made before cards are dealt.  

Advanced single table no limit tournaments also allows you to deal with one specific group of opponents. Similar to the previous tournament variant, you can raise or bet as much as the chips you have with you. The main difference between these two single no limit games is that the speed or pace of the game tends to go faster in the advanced series. Thus, the advanced series requires faster analysis and quick thinking than your average poker game. However, due to the rapid flow of the game, it is advisable for you to have huge amounts in your stack since you are less likely to steal the blind with one that is only twice its size. Therefore, in an advanced single table game, having four big blinds is often recommendable.            

Moving on, multi-table no limit tournaments are games that are held in many tables at the same time. The number of players in this kind of game may range from eleven to around five thousand. As a result, it normally takes three to four hours of play before you can reach the final table. In this online game, you are allowed to bet the amount you want so long as you still have sufficient chips for it. If you participate in this form of tournament, you can loosen up during the early rounds. But in the latter rounds when the blinds are big, you should be more aggressive and take less chances.   

Similarly, multi-table limit tournaments are played simultaneously in several tables. However, these poker games have a precise minimum and maximum betting limit. Should you opt to join this online tournament, remember to keep the average size of chips to avoid being chased by other players.