Tuan Le

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 22:28

Tuan Le

A poker biography of Tuan Le.

Quick Information

Name - Tuan Le

Born - Feb 15th 1978, Paris, France

Poker Room - Not Available


If poker is merely a game of aggressiveness, then one of the players who will surely get the most chips is Tuan Le. With an unassuming demeanor coupled with a pleasant attitude, it's hard not to like this young fellow who rose to poker stardom in a short span of time. However, it is also Tuan's same congenial manner that got everybody fooled of his true assertive nature when playing player. Even though he's only in his late twenties, Tuan Le is already a big name in the poker arena. In fact, since his emergence in the poker scene back in 2004, he already amassed enough money to make him the leading money winner up to the present. With this, there's no saying what Tuan is capable of doing in the years to come.

Tuan Le was born in Paris, France on February 15, 1978 but he spent most of his life in the United States. They first relocated to Kansas City and then to Los Angeles, California afterwards. He attended middle school at John Burroughs Junior High School where he constantly gets good grades. Tuan is a smart student, as proven by the fact that he was able to attend advanced classes in Los Angeles Junior College when he was merely 16 years old. After graduating from junior college, he went on to study at the California State University in Northridge as a Finance major. It was during his college days in Cal State-Northridge that Tuan got attracted to poker.

At first, Tuan only played poker during his free time. However, the more Tuan played, the more he got better at the game. Realizing his skills, he then went on to play live Hold'em games in Hustler Casino, where he had his share of wins and losses. The losses did not stop Tuan from coming back to the casino, where he spent his college loan money and more than 70 hours a week playing. At this point, Tuan's grades started to plummet. With barely 16 credits short of achieving his Bachelor's Degree, Tuan took the biggest risk of his life: he took poker full time.

Leaving college proved to be a good decision because in 2004, Tuan hit the jackpot by playing the No Limit Texas Hold'em tourney in Commerce Casino in Los Angeles. He used his winnings here to pay his college loan and to get admittance to the Foxwoods World Poker Open where he won a whopping $1.5 million. His victory in Foxwoods allowed him to gain a seat at the 2005 World Poker Tournament World Championship held in Bellagio, Las Vegas. In this tournament, Tuan bested over 400 players and ended up in a heads-up game with Paul Maxfield. In a tough game that carried on for almost 8 hours, Tuan Le emerged the winner with a WPT Champion title and $2.8 million in cash prize to boot.

Even with the tremendous success Tuan has achieved, he remains as humble as he was before. He even gave credit to Barry Greenstein and his book, the “Ace on the River” as being contributory to his huge success in poker. At present, Tuan's winnings reach an excess of $4,500,000. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California and enjoys playing badminton and tennis when not playing at the green felt table.