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Usemybank online casino and bonus on deposits.

UseMyBank is one of the most commonly used online payment solutions that you can find out there. These payment solutions include EcoCard, Western UnionPaySafeCard, and others.
UseMyBank is a real-time fund processor and an online banking mediator which facilitates payments. Payments come  from an online bank account and transferred to merchants or sellers like casinos. UseMyBank, however, can only be availed by Canadian bank account holders, and transactions with this payment option are made using Canadian dollars.  UseMyBank, though, is flexible enough to convert the value to US dollars so that other currencies will be promptly accommodated.

UseMyBank offers its customers ease and convenience purchase of services and goods online.  UseMyBank presently provides services to more than 10 million loyal customers. Among the  banks supporting this payment options are CIBC,  The Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank,  Desjardins, Scotia Bank, and TD Canada Trust.
UseMyBank is anchored on the mantra that the Financial Services sector definitely evolves at a rapid pace. With this fact, the companies  in this sector must  do everything they can to keep abreast with the demands of the changing times. UseMyBank holds that their customers are willing to shell out a reasonable amount to avail of the services they offer provided that they are well integrated, deliverable with utmost flexibility, and are up to the task of imbibing new ideas with current technologies  and practices in online payment.

UseMyBank focuses on offering alternatives to the current payment solutions industry.  UseMyBank  does this by making sure that the customers' ability to pay for the services and goods  they purchased through the Internet with their banking and financing institution are streamlined and simplified.  UseMyBank bridges the gap between your own bank’s online banking center and the casino.  UseMyBank's process is quite easy and has a striking similarity to a transaction that uses credit cards where all you have to do is to authorize a debit right from your bank account to the casino by way of the bank’s online billing system.

UseMyBank, furthermore, does not require or force you to sign up. However, it is not a bad idea to go through the process. UseMyBank also serves as your guide when you wish to set up an online bank account or pay your online casino debts.

Pretty neat, huh?

Now, if knowing these basic information about this exciting payment option does not fully satisfy your curiosity, maybe these essentials concerning UseMyBank will do just the trick for you. Take a quick look.
The Benefits.

Being a customer of  UseMyBank, you are assured of these great benefits:

1. Simple, Easy and fuss-free signing up experience.
No need for you to get those darn headaches just trying to sign up because UseMyBank offers you a fuss free ride. Simply log on to sites that cater to UseMyBank and you can right away avail of  UseMyBank's services in no time. Signing up simply takes around five minutes, just the average time it will take you to consume that fine espresso on your table or read your horoscope for the day.

2. Unlimited purchasing power.
Experience being like Donald Trump or Bill Gates. Your purchasing potentials are limited by nothing but your money.  For as long as your bank account funds are sufficient, you don't have to worry about not being able to buy that latest eye-popping electronic gadget you saw on Home TV Shopping or pay for that casino credit you incurred on an online gambling site last night. The power is in your hands, er, bank account, I mean.

3. Useful online statements and transactions.
UseMyBank takes special pride in its capability to provide great allowance for bill management. You see, UseMyBank is not just your typical casino gambling account. UseMyBank gives you real-time updates about your casino credits and purchases. It also offers a detailed summary and report of payments and tools to manage finances.
UseMyBank's Automated Clearing and Settlement system for Sellers and Affiliates caters to cheques, wire transfers,  and other methods applicable. UseMyBank's Automated Online Payment Interface (AOPI) feature lets you pay straight  from your bank account.  In addition, UseMyBank does not charge any hidden fee and does not give you headaches as there are no complications involved.  

4. Utmost customer confidentiality.
UseMyBank won't retain the account numbers or any miscellaneous information that you provide. When your transaction has been cleared, the data that you gave are likewise cleared. Your private information, thus, remains private.  UseMyBank also does not require you to give personal information only to be revealed to other people.  Those are definitely reasons enough for you to have peace of mind.

5.  Secure and safe transactions.

UseMyBank has an Internet banking structure which is a great help to keep your transactions safe. UseMyBank uses the same security checks employed by FBI on its computers every day to optimize security of its computer systems.  UseMyBank offers reliable, secure, and comfortable online payment method through the customer's  financial institution.  

6. Easy payment.
With UseMyBank, you can perform payments to online casinos by just clicking on the button on the “cashier's” page and selecting your bank from the provided list of casinos.  Afterwards, you only have to provide your account number.  UseMyBank will then give payment to the establishment or the online casino in real time.  

7. Easy funding.
You can transfer fund to your UseMyBank account through direct debit from your Canadian Bank account. The process can be transacted inside the banking software so you won't have any difficulty at all.

8. Easy depositing.
You can deposit credits through your UseMyBank by following these easy steps:

* Login to PokerRewards account.
* Select the Bank button. Then, click on Deposit.
* Select UseMyBank. Afterwards, click on the amount you wish to deposit then select Next.
* You will be redirected to a screen where you have  to choose the bank you wish to make your transaction with.
* You will be prompted to login into your online banking account.
* Click on Finish located on the Confirmation Page.

By now, you may want to try this payment system out and want to get started right away. Here are some easy steps on how you can sign up to UseMyBank:

1.  Look for  UseMyBank link in the casino software and click on it.  

2. You will then be directed to UseMyBank home page.

3. You may opt to click on the ‘Sign up’ tab located on UseMyBank's home page at  and just follow the on-screen instructions.

4. You will be required to provide your telephone number and email address. No need to worry for your privacy and security, though, for these are the only personal data given to the online casino.

Now, with all these highly exciting and great features that await you, don't you think it's high time that you provide yourself with a payment option that gives  high value to your money?  UseMyBank is definitely one payment option worth checking out.  So the next time you wish to purchase something for those whom you love, or play online casino games to while your time away, you know can choose to try a payment solution called Usemybank.