Utilizing Promotions

Fri, 06 Jun 2008 00:36

Utilizing Promotions

Take advantage of promotions and incentives.

Coming up with bonuses and promotions is every casino's marketing tool. It has been quite effective in increasing the number of players, especially of beginners and those in the intermediate level. Through freerolls, deposit bonuses, satellites to large tournaments, sit-and-go jackpots, and bad beat jackpots, casinos attract both new and long-time players. But some casino promotions are also geared towards earning additional rake from players. Most casinos have poker rooms that offer promotions to their patrons and new players, too.

Freerolls in casinos are tournaments where poker players can play for a particular amount without having to pay fees. In choosing which freeroll to join, players should consider its overlay. It's the term for how much cash a poker room puts up for each player. So if $10,000 is the amount in a freeroll and there are 100 poker players competing for the amount, the overlay amounts to $10.

Deposit bonuses come in two forms: reload bonuses and sign up bonuses. Reload bonuses are made for long-time players to keep on playing at their poker rooms and for inactive ones to play again. Some poker sites like Party Poker offer monthly reload bonuses to its patrons. Sign up bonuses are offered to poker players who are new to the casino and are making their first deposit. This bonus is especially made to attract poker players into trying new poker rooms.

Putting up satellites to large tournaments is an effective way to promote competition in playing poker. Most of the time an average poker player who computes for the expected value and who knows what to do with a second best hand gets a seat at the next WSOP. Online poker sites give away seats to other poker tournaments as prizes. Special satellites even offer a particular set of seats, while some poker rooms give out extra cash to winners. In choosing which satellites to play in, it would be wise to consider the number of poker players competing for the seats and the packages up for grabs. Aside from  tourney seats, some satellites give free hotel accommodations as well.

Sit-and-go jackpots are tempting treats for poker players who like playing quick games and earning quick wins. Some tournaments also offer extra cash to poker players who win in consecutive games, but a portion of the cash prize comes from the players' rake.

Bad beat jackpots are considered lifesavers for losers who are known to come up with good hands in games. Players who get beaten by a somewhat better hand usually get this jackpot. Although there are some conditions for poker players to become eligible for this jackpot, it gives out a fairly modest amount of cash without additional rake from players.

Even though all these promotions and bonuses sound tempting, poker players should not quickly sign up for any without having to read the casinos' terms and conditions. Some casinos tend to mislead players with these promotions. Players should remember that these jackpot deals are made to attract players and not give away money for nothing. It would also be wise to read reviews on casino bonuses to help players choose which offer the best deals and which are simply designed for publicity.