Victoria Coren

Mon, 24 Nov 2008 02:46

Victoria Coren

A poker biography of Victoria Coren.

Quick Information

Name - Victoria Coren

Born - N/A

Current Residence - London, England

Poker Rooms - Poker Stars

Poker Stars Handle - Vicky Coren


Victoria Coren is one of London media’s most recognizable faces, not just as writer and television presenter, but also as one of its most successful poker players. Coren has her own newspaper column. She has likewise come out with a string of books. Coren is also on radio and television as host and documentary presenter. At the felt, she is a well known and regarded professional poker players.

Coren began her love affair with the media at age 15. Even at that young age, she was able to win a writing competition where the prize was a weekly newspaper column. Oddly, this was also around the time when she learned how to play poker through her older brother. Both turned out to be fruitful undertakings for Coren.

Coren was first pushed into the limelight when she went on the show Late Night Poker TV. The show had a cult following, and pretty soon Coren and other players had their own fan base. This started a string of invites to major world tournaments. Coren has also gone up the ranks to become one of the best earning female poker players on record.

So far,’s 2006 London leg is her biggest win. This was the third season’s European Poker Tour. Here, in just three days, she was able to beat the best players in Europe – all 397 of them. She ranked first, which also gave her the prize winning of $941,513.

Coren frequents her namesake, the Victoria Casino in London. She is often there for the tournaments and the high-stakes cash games.

When not at the poker tables, Coren finds the time to work on her media duties. She is a well-regarded journalist. She has a regular poker column at The Guardian, the popular British daily. Likewise, she has published several books on a range of topics that she is passionate about. On television, besides the poker tournament shows, she can also be seen as presenter of several BBC documentaries. She also sometimes works as commentator in television poker shows. On the radio, she hosts a BBC Radio 4 series.

And besides these seemingly humongous responsibilities, she also finds time to cook, read, and play board games like Scrabble, cribbage, and bridge.

Coren won the Celebrity Poker Club in 2004. She has played the European Poker Championships several times, beginning in 2001. She has also graced the British Poker Open since 2005. At the Victoria Casino, she plays a lot of live poker tournaments.

It is no wonder than Coren is one of the best regarded poker players in the UK, both by her fans and by her peers in professional poker. She honed her craft at some of the toughest poker tables and against some of the best poker players. She reached the top by clinching the coveted EPT European Poker Championships title in 2006. She was the first woman to do so, and she pocketed £500,000 in winnings for this. Coren is part of the Team PokerStars Pro. Online, she has the screen name ‘Vicky Coren’.