Video Poker

Sun, 08 Jun 2008 19:28

Video Poker

Play online video poker game including strategy and rules.

Basic Guide to Video Poker

Video poker is a casino game that is played in the same style as slot machines are played. These games are based on the rules of draw poker and they are played on a machine with a computer console and a screen. The game was first introduced in the mid 1970s. Throughout the '80s and '90s, the game became more popular on casino floors and, today, there are numerous variations of video poker. Many people enjoy playing video poker because it combines the strategy of five-card draw poker with the privacy and convenience of slot machine-like play.

Video poker basics

As mentioned earlier, these games consist of the computer console and monitor. The computer console randomizes card draws based on decks of playing cards and it calculates possibilities and outcomes based on variations of five-card draw poker rules. Players view their cards through the screen and they place bets, hold cards, and draw cards by pressing buttons or by touching the screen. Basically, most video poker games follow the hand ranking of traditional five-card draw poker. Variations of video poker games have different pay out rates for various types of card combinations.

Some popular variations of video poker

* Jacks or Better – In this variation of the game, players can only win with at least a pair of jacks. Other variations with the same principle include “Tens or Better” and “Kings or Better."
* Deuces Wild – This is a variation of video poker that recognizes twos as wild cards. There are also “Deuces and Jokers Wild” and “Jokers Wild” poker games.
* Bonus Poker – There are numerous “Bonus Poker” games, including “Double Bonus” and “Double Double Bonus”, which are normally based on “Jacks or Better” rules. The difference is that “Bonus Poker” machines have different kinds of bonuses for certain types of poker hands.

Casual or long-term video poker

Playing video poker can be as simple as getting some coins, entering them into the machine and playing your game of poker. Most casual players fall into this category of game play. On the other hand, playing this game can be treated as a serious and long-term poker game. Many people argue that players are more likely to win money by playing video poker for long periods of time. This is why some people play more seriously, trying to take full advantage of the system of probabilities built into video poker machines.

Finding a place to play

Most casinos and gambling establishments have video poker machines on their floors. Some of these machines are part of progressive jackpot systems. Players who play on progressives can win millions of dollars by hitting the jackpot. Other video poker machines follow a table of payout rates depending on the player's hand. Aside from playing this type of poker game at casinos and similar establishments, people can also find such poker games online. Many Internet sites offer such poker games that people can play for free with virtual money, while others will have people betting actual money. Playing video poker on the Internet is perhaps the most convenient way of playing the game.

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