Video Poker Variations

Sun, 08 Jun 2008 19:34

Video Poker Variations

An article about video poker variations.

Video Poker is one of the more popular casino games being played by man. Its main attraction is that it has a high payout percentage. In fact, high payout percentage, and potential income that comes with it, was primarily the trigger that led to the introduction of more game varieties and the subsequent popularity of video poker.

Earlier in the game's history, video poker did not offer a bright prospect in terms of payouts.  The highest possible income that a player can receive that time was 85%. For this reason, the bankroll of the competitors was not enough for extended play, which led to the clamor for higher payouts. The ways created to make higher profits possible led to the creation of different video poker variations like jacks or better, deuces wild and many more.   

One of the first changes made was the return of the player's wager on a pair of jacks or a more superior hand. This modification led to the birth of jacks or better. This new game elevated the potential income to 99.5%. Likewise, casinos introduced the push, which translated to a likely win and a refund of the player's bet.

Also an instant hit like jacks or better is bonus poker. In bonus poker, the potential for income is much improved on a hand that contains quad aces until four. However, this variety reduces the potential income on a full house or flush. The maximum income that can be expected by a player has been increased to 99.25%. Consequently, the expected bankroll of the player increased.

In addition, there is another popular variation called double bonus poker. Here, the expected payout for all varieties of quads is twice the payout offered by a standard game of poker. The possible income for full house and flush has been increased as well; unfortunately the 2-for-1 payout for two pairs has been replaced with a push. Because over 21% of payouts in jacks or better are derived from the two pair final hands, the reduction in the payout is quite considerable. Double bonus poker lure gamers who are playing more for fun and are not turned off by minimal jackpots. However, some players later found out that a complicated strategy can actually yield better payouts, up to 100.15% better. Still, this strategy needs a lot of patience and study.  In general, double bonus poker yields slightly reduced payouts compared to the jacks or better variation.

Moreover, other variations that use words such as triple, deluxe, super, to name a few, also found their way to video poker machines. However, these superlatives don't necessarily mean that the chances of profit have been increased as well. And most of them, frankly, are just names.  More poker variations seem to emerge on a daily basis. Games like All American, Tens or Better, Aces and Faces, to name a few, have also become popular.

The bottom line when it comes to video poker variations is to choose a game that has a better payout scheme. Aside from that, players should learn how to adjust their game plan in order to yield more better-paying hands. Video poker variations can provide a lot of excitement. But for the astute player, the game that gives the best payout is always the most suitable variation.