Vincent Burgio

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 22:33

Vincent Burgio

A poker biography of Vincent Burgio.

Quick Information

Name - Vincent Burgio

Born - Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Poker Room - Paradise Poker


The international poker circuit is one big community of talented and skilled card players from around the world. As a matter of fact, almost all of its icon players are also professionals in their chosen careers outside poker. Poker celebrity and journalist Vincent Burgio, for instance, is known for his knack for playing cards and his passion for writing about the game.

Currently residing in West Hills, California, Vincent is a graduate of the University of Missouri and is now married with four lovely daughters. Even before his poker career, Vincent has always loved writing and sharing his random views to a wide audience. However, it seemed that fate had other plans for this talented writer. After winning $8,000 at the Hilton casino, his destiny was already set. His lucky streak continued as he won $54,000 at the Riviera two weeks later. As Vincent became more interested with the game, he then sold his construction business and decided to become a full-time professional poker player.

Among the highlights of Vincent's poker career include the 2005 WSOP , Event 18, $2,000 Seven-Card Stud High-low Split; the 2006 WSOP, Event 41, No-Limit Hold'em; and the 2006 WSOP, Event 35, Seven-Card Hi-Lo Split. In 1992, Vincent was named "Best All Around Player" at Four Queens Classic, and he was also awarded a gold bracelet when he won the 1994 World Series of Poker tournament. As a professional poker player, Vincent's peers regard him as a player who has the ability to maintain a winning attitude even in hopeless situations. Such attitude earned Vincent solid respect among other professionals in the poker industry. His passion and determination on the game also paved way for his very distinguished tournament winning record.

Apart from his expertise at the green felt table, his perceptive writings and teachings about casino poker also contributed to his very good reputation. Because of his strong journalistic inclinations, Vincent decided to share his thoughts and knowledge on the game by maintaining a regular column at "CardPlayer" magazine as well as authoring various poker books including "Pizza, Pasta, and Poker". In his writings, Vincent always includes the principle and wisdom of some of the best poker players in the field. He makes use of quotations and gameplays to make readers understand his points and arguments on the game. Aside from being a professional poker player and journalist, Vincent also enjoys television guestings and appearances. He is also grateful for the emergence of televised poker tournament, for this further legitimizes the profession of poker players to the public.

Today, Vincent is an active participant of various international poker tours, specializing in larger buy-in event tournaments. He is also frequently spotted playing on the Paradise Poker online poker website, often playing under the moniker “invincible”. With Vincent Burgio's infallible talent and strong dedication in playing poker, he has truly earned his distinction as one of the prime poker players and journalists in the international poker industry.