Vinnie Vinh

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 22:38

Vinnie Vinh

A poker biography of Vinnie Vinh.

Quick Information

Name - Vinnie Vinh

Born - Vietnam

Poker Room - Not Available


Professional poker players may seem to have a lot going for them. Money, fame, and the respect of their peers are just among the many things that they get. However, on the other hand, they also get their fair share of controversies and pressure brought about by their lifestyle. Of the many players in poker, one name stands out just recently for disappearing on the second day of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) tourney. This player is Vinnie Vinh.

Vinnie Vinh Unplugged
Like poker player Chau Giang, Vinnie Vinh is of Vietnamese origin as well. Coming to America, Vinnie Vinh may or may not have that much interesting options, but he focused on becoming a professional poker player instead. He may not be as popular as the seasoned veterans like Doyle Brunson, nor can he be as surprising as Nenad Medic, yet Vinnie Vinh gained a degree of popularity that is due to his gaming abilities.

Professional Playing Record
Since he started playing poker as a professional, Vinnie Vinh has about 49 cashes, 7 finishes in the first place, and he has won an impressive $2,2186.720 since 2001. He currently resides in Houston, Texas, but like fellow player Annand Ramdin, Vinnie Vinh travels frequently, playing in various tournaments.

His Infamous Disappearance
For all of his achievements, Vinnie Vinh has yet to find anything in his life that can amount to the publicity and attention he got from the 2007 WSOP where he disappeared and started a higly controversial rumor that he was hospitalized or dead.

The whole thing started out simple enough. In fact, Vinnie Vinh was on a roll finishing on the initial day of the competition at the $1,000 Rebuy event with the next largest number of chips on hand. Then the next day, Vinnie Vinh failed to join the others. As both his family and close friends were unable to pinpoint his location, speculations arose that perhaps Vinnie Vinh was hurt somewhere or dead from drug overdose, particularly, due to crystal meth or the gak.

The said rumor was fueled by the fact that no serious poker player would attempt to leave a tournament when he or she has a chip stack more than most of the players unless it was a life-threatening emergency. The talk about drug addiction and possible overdose also became stronger as fellow players made comments about Vinnie Vinh's erratic behavior during the initial day of the tournament. Such actions that were suspicious included Vinh talking about himself in the third person and his treatment of dealers and players alike.

A few days later, Vinnie Vinh made an appearance in a poker event. Soon, pictures were sent and posted all over the Internet as proof that Vinnie Vinh is still alive. Of course he may look thinner and more haggard, but he's still alive. Vinnie Vinh's disappearance still remains a mystery. As a matter of fact, no one from his side gave a comment on the entire incident.