When To Fold

Fri, 06 Jun 2008 00:54

When To Fold

General poker strategy on the fact when to fold.

Playing Fixed-Limit Hold 'em requires the poker player to make a couple of decisions. The first will make the player decide whether to fold the preflop. After making the decision, the player will have to decide when to fold preflop.

The First Decision
The first decision which a poker player must decide on is not as heavy as the second one considering the fact that the decision can be taken from the pot odds' results. Besides, it is not really critical since the player will only be playing a little bet on this stage. Usually, the player will choose to make premium hands preflop. For marginal hands, the player is expected to play suited connectors. On the other hand, for a multi-way pot, the player will be wise to play small pairs.

The Second Decision
Suppose the player has already made the decision whether to fold preflop or not, when to fold will be the next on the list. For this instance, the player must call the river. Calling the river is equivalent to gaining two large bets which is tantamount to four little ones. If the player has failed to call the river, he would have invited trouble by folding his best hand on the river instead. Now, supposing the pot has been lifted preflop and only a single bet is for postflop, this would mean that the player has only invested a couple plus one more bet to take the turn. Hence, the player can make the fold during the turn. He will lose out some cash but the amount would be significantly lower as compared supposing the player had lost through a showdown.

When Not To Fold
It is also important to add that the river should not be part of the options on when to fold. One can only do so if a draw was missed. Another exception would be when there is just plenty of betting that the player is already sure he is defeated. Professional players,  no longer have to make such decisions since it would already come naturally for them.

Small And Big Mistakes
There are three chances to betting postflop. Nevertheless, the decision for each cannot be easily deliberated. Pot odds can be of much help, more so during draw moments. However, there will be instances when the player has played hand and is uncertain about it. It is the nature of this particular game that bets take only a small part of the pot. This becomes attractive for amateur players who are eager to unveil their cards. In addition, this may become a trap for amateur players who will consequently lose at the end of the game. Small mistakes and big mistakes, can also be factors that may affect the player's decision to fold. Small mistakes happen when a player decides to call even without the pot odds. On the other hand, a big mistake can happen when the person folds at the wrong time. For instance, a poker player has the best hand, but decide to fold at a later time when he is not really certain if he just holds a near-nut hand.