Why Play In World Poker Tour

Tue, 03 Jun 2008 15:32

Why Play In World Poker Tour

Reasons for playing in the WPT.

People have several reasons why they strive harder and do their best to be able to play in the World Poker Tour (WPT). It's a common belief that the players' reasons for participating determine their personalities. Though purposes vary, there are still a number that are common to almost all of the participants. The following are only a few of the most prevalent reasons that both the amateurs and professionals have for competing in the prestigious World Poker Tour.

1. Personal Challenge. Playing in the World Poker Tour cannot simply be based on one's luck or fate. It's a form of challenge to oneself for him to determine how he has mastered the arts and the skills of the card games. Since he has acquired the interest of playing Poker, it is but normal to strive for the best experience he could ever have. Admittedly, he can get this by joining the World Poker Tour. In fact, he can now begin challenging himself by practicing for WPT.

2. Monetary Gain. World Poker Tour offers one of the most lucrative and coveted grand prize in the industry of casino games. Dreaming a jackpot award worth thousands and even millions of dollars in one's pocket is sufficient enough to look forward to WPT, a tournament which can definitely make one an instant millionaire. Considering that Poker is one of the fewest card games in which one has the greater odds of winning, a person who has mastered the World Poker Tour strategy will certainly bring home the bacon.

3. Social Compliment. Joining the WPT will make one an instant celebrity. He will have the chance to interact with the rich and the famous, to be shown on television, and to meet legendary names in the industry. Also, WPT is not only a ticket to fame and success but a way to establish friendship with other people and to develop social skills with them. Winning the WPT will make an individual a revered model and paragon in the gambling industry. Eventually, people from different walks of life will seek for his counsel on how to win WPT.

4. Play for Pure Fun. World Poker Tour is a very competitive card game. Professional players simply enjoy the competitions like a sports game. Of course, one will need a certain percentage of luck and an even bigger percentage of strategic skills to dominate the events. However, one must be reminded not to be carried away by his emotion because WPT also involves a not so small amount of bet money from the player's own pocket.

5. Constant Learning. A player will still feel the need to learn more about poker no matter how expert and excellent he has become. Education for card games can come in two ways: through objective studying, which involves reading, taking course, attending classes, etc; and through experience,  which includes joining several competitions and practically applying what have been objectively learned. Merely thinking of the amount of learning one can acquire is enough for a motivation to participate in the WPT. The tournament will definitely hone his talents, sense of judgment, and logical skills.