Why Play In WSOP

Tue, 03 Jun 2008 01:15

Why Play In WSOP

Reasons for playing in the wsop tournaments.

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is one of the most prestigious events in poker. Professional poker players all over the world eagerly await this annual event. Aside from professional poker players, thousands of enthusiasts also flock to the series.

The result is a happy gathering of many kinds of players -- with their own skills, attitude and reasons for joining the game -- that share a love for poker playing and the rewards they can get from it.

Here are just some of the common reasons why poker professionals enjoy playing in WSOP games:

1. Exciting competition

Since the WSOP is considered as the best tournament ever created for the poker world, the players who participate in this series of tournaments are not mediocre. Almost all of them have extensive experience in poker competitions and have already received amateur and local awards.

Year after year, more skilled players are joining this annual event. There have been some outstanding newcomers like Erik "Lilar" Friberg, who joined the WSOP main event for the first time in 2006 and achieved what can be considered as his first major international success. His total winnings for that game reached almost two million dollars. And that was his first time to compete in a live tournament -- prior to that, he participated in online poker games.

Of course, there are veteran players who can be considered tough opponents. One of them is James Van Alstyne. From his WSOP tournament debut in 1994 up to 1999, Van Alstyne was one of the most dominant players of the game. He took a short break and came back in 2004 playing as brilliantly as ever. Van Alstyne continues to be one of the best professional poker players and one of the toughest players anyone can meet at the WSOP.

2. Fame and grand prizes

Since the WSOP attracts the best players in the world, winning in it, naturally, is one of the most prestigious achievements ever for a poker player.

Aside from the much coveted WSOP titles, the cash prize is also one of the top reasons people participate in this annual event. Players who join WSOP competitions can earn lots of of money -- sometimes amounting to millions of dollars, depending on the type award won.
Apart from the cash prize, the winners have the distinction of owning a golden poker bracelet, which makes the victory even sweeter.

3. Worthwhile experience

Aside from the prestige and the exhilaration of competing with world-renowned poker players, participating in WSOP events is really a worthwhile experience. Millions of people may be playing poker for a living or just for fun like Hollywood star Chevy Chase, but only a small portion of those millions have the opportunity to compete in a very prestigious poker event like the WSOP.

The losses, victories and brushes with poker playing greatness in WSOP tournaments are all part of the priceless experience.