Wire Transfer

Sun, 08 Jun 2008 19:46

Wire Transfer

Fund your casino or poker account with wire transfers.

Aside from the various money services and major credit card options, online gambling sites featured at ixgames.com also make use of wire transfer service for deposit or withdrawal transactions. A money wire transfer is basically an electronic transmission of funds that is usually made by a secured bank transaction or by the means of a cash transfer. Many online gamblers prefer to use money wire transfer since the transaction has less hassle and it is conveniently faster.

Wire transfer has two forms, one is to transfer money from a bank to another and the other one is through cash office transaction. Two of the most widely used cash office wire transfer companies in online casino and poker sites at ixgames.com are Western Union and Money Gram. Online casino and poker gamblers prefer to use Western Union and Money Gram because of the service anonymity they offer. Although such anonymity of service caused some issues, players still make use of the wire transfer service of these companies because it is fast and the service charges are reasonable.

Even though the transaction can be relatively expensive, bank wire transferring is still viewed by most players as among the most secured international mode of payment in online gambling . There is no need to go through the hassle of applying for credit cards or suffer from large credit card debts, because the amount to be transferred is automatically charged from an existing bank account. The transmission of money is safe since both bank accounts have proven identity.  

To be able to transfer money into the bank accounts of the various gambling websites at ixgames.com, online gamblers need to contact their banks via the Internet and provide the necessary information like the bank's ABA routing number, the player's account number, the recipient's bank account number, as well as the address and the phone number of the bank. Players need to confirm the amount of money they wish to wire and the exact date the money transfer is expected to be wired. Some banks may still require account holders to contact them through phone or fax to confirm the transaction. When the transaction is confirmed, players should ask for the confirmation receipt through fax or email. They can also contact the recipient bank of the money to confirm the fund transfer.

When online gamblers choose to make use of a wire transfer service, necessary precautions should also be observed. Players should remember that the information they will give to their banks should always be in writing to avoid errors. The transmission of fund in a bank transaction option is only within a day while the transfer in a cash office transaction depends upon the services offered by each wire transfer company. Online gamblers should also see to it that the money they will transfer goes to the right account, or else the transfer will not go through.

It is always convenient to make use of the services of a wire transfer while playing in online poker and casino websites found at ixgames.com. The services it offers are really fast and transaction complications are very minimal compared to other means of deposit and withdrawal options.