Women And Bingo

Sun, 25 May 2008 23:54

Women And Bingo

Women and their relation with bingo games.

Years back, when people here the words "women online gamers," some just snort derisively while some ask if these players play a-dollar-for-a-monster Pacman. Sure, online gaming had long been a stronghold of male players but with the onslaught of newly developed websites and games, the online gaming bug had also infected a new demographic. Indeed, it's not surprising anymore to see women playing online games especially if their old favorite is now available online with cutting-edge graphics to boot. Bingo, a longtime social hall favorite had made a leap towards modern gaming. Online Bingo websites now proliferate in cyberspace to the delight of women players worldwide.

Bingo is a number-patterns game played on a ticket with 15 numbers printed on its 5x5 matrix. The numbers were randomly drawn and players mark their cards according to the numbers called. Each game, a specified pattern was introduced and the first player whose card reflected the pattern would shout "Bingo!" to let others know of the win. An easy game to play, bingo was sure to draw crowds whenever it was played.  Speaking of bingo, online gaming directory portal ixgames.com carry some of the industry's best bingo sites.

BingoForMoney.com is one of ixgames.com's most frequented affiliate sites.  It is available 24 hours a day, seven hours a week, which means an all day everyday fun bingo experience for all.   Unlike other online bingo, BingoForMoney.com is a no-sweat downloadable game.  It comes with three-dimensional graphics that make playing a one-of-a-kind experience.  It is a favorite website because it offers an everyday jackpot game of $1000, not to mention a $10,000 jackpot that is up for grabs every tournament.  Players will never have a dull time at BingoForMoney.com with over 300 bingo patterns randomly selected every game. There are free bingo games available that can be played for fun and paid games with jackpots amounting to thousands of dollars.  Players would certainly enjoy BingoForMoney’.com's special bonuses like the 100% initial deposit bonus, and the birthday bonus.

Another favorite bingo site at ixgames.com is Bingohall.com.  Its exciting bonuses make it the preferred bingo site of many.  Bonuses include birthday bonuses, which can be exchanged for casino points or cash.  One-hundred percent bonus is also available to new online players.  What is even more fun about this site is that players can share their bonuses to their friends.  Bingohall.com does not only make playing bingo an easy thing, it also makes card purchasing so convenient for the players, and most specially, it makes collecting cash prizes and bonuses an easy task.  Bingohall.com certainly knows what women want.

There is also Blackpool Bingo, another ixgames.com affiliate site, for bingo players who wants a change of scene.   Players of this site does not only experience exciting and fun bingo games, but also get to experience other games such as   Keno, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Rollercoaster Dice Roll, and the arcade versions of bowling and soccer.  Keno is an ancient Chinese form of lottery, while Rock-Paper-Scissors is a bet game.  The Rollercoaster Dice Roll is pretty simple; players only need to predict whether the next dice roll would come out higher or lower.  Bonuses are also available, which include a much higher 150% bonus on the initial deposit, and 25% for the succeeding ones.  Blackpool Bingo also gives out 10 pounds to any player who can refer the site to someone and make that person sign up.     

With games and bingo websites as exciting as these, it's no wonder more women are playing online games. Moreover, statistics show that there is an increasing number of women playing bingo online.  Gaming directories like ixgames.com ensure that female bingo enthusiasts have more time enjoying online bingo and winning big cash prizes in topnotch bingo websites.   It should not be a surprise  if one day statistics will show females dominating bingo websites.  Playing bingo in these ixgames.com affiliate sites is easy -- easy to learn, easy to play, and easy to win.