Women And Casino

Sun, 25 May 2008 23:53

Women and Casino

Women and their relation with casinos.

There was an old belief that women are bad luck in casinos -- hence, the male-dominated casino scene. Years back, all promotions were geared towards testosterone-pumping individuals, casinos did nothing to encourage women. But that was a time long gone. Today, females are not only welcome to different casinos all over the world; they are also given special packages and treatments to keep them coming back and encourage more women to play. The same thing is true for online casinos. Casino websites of today cater to people of all gender, shapes, and sizes provided that they are of legal age. Women can literally have their pick of the best casino sites at the tip of their fingers by visiting gaming portal directories. Ixgames.com, a leading gaming directory in the business has the best casino websites in the industry.

One of these sites is the Europa Casino. Players get the feeling of playing in a European country with all the famous European landmarks design of the site's homepage. Another thing that makes playing at Europa Casino a unique international casino experience is its availability in several languages to cater to players all over the globe. Korean, German, and Spanish are just some of the few international languages used by the site. More than the languages, Europa Casino also offers different versions of different casino games such as craps, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. There are also more than 60 casino games to play and enjoy. Bonuses like the 100% bonus during the first deposit and complimentary points also await the player.

Another trusted and most visited casino website at ixgames is the Casino Tropez. Online players love Casino Tropez because of its generosity. It is known for giving away the highest bonus for every initial deposit. It also gives its players loyalty bonus and high-roller bonus. No matter where you are, you can avail of all these enticing bonuses for Casino Tropez is a website for everyone with 11 supported languages to ensure that you can truly understand and enjoy each game. Aside from its reputation for being a generous site, Casino Tropez is also proud of its secure and fair gaming system.

Also, among the many highest-ranking casino websites at ixgames.com is the Omni Casino. Omni Casino has received several awards since it started operating in 1997. Both online gambling-related magazines and online players have recognized the dedication of the site in giving its online players the best online casino games they could ever experience. Let the awards speak for Omni Casino: awarded by the Gambling Online Magazine for three successive years (2001-2003) for having the “Quickest Payouts” and “Best Rewards”; endowed by Casino Players and readers as the site with “Best Video Poker”, “Best Payout/E-Cash Program, and “Best Online Casino”
or 2004. Until now, Omni Casino is still living up to these recognitions and awards.

Generous and easy to deal with -- now, these are two qualities women tend to look for. By playing in the casino websites listed at ixgames.com, female players sure to get what they want. But, far from being boring, these generous and easy sites are sure to give women players the same fun and excitement they can get from live casino games. At ixgames, only the best gambling websites are available.