Women And Poker

Mon, 26 May 2008 00:00

Women and Poker

Women and their relation with poker games.

Men are really dominating most gambling establishments and gambling websites.   Women, more often than not, are sees as inferior even on the poker table.  There are instances of women being made fun by their men competitors during a poker game.   However, such scenes are gradually decreasing nowadays as women are getting their own places on the poker tables and online poker rooms.   If before, women are playing games that only involve luck rather than skill like video poker and slot machine, today, women's interest also involve those that require skills more than luck like Texas Hold’em. This only shows that poker is getting more and more popular both in live games and online.   Online gaming portal ixgames.com features poker websites that are considered the best in the industry.

One such website is the Titan Poker.  As its name implies, Titan Poker has everything big -- big tournaments, big promotions, and most specially, big bonuses.  The site gives 100% up to 500 pounds bonus on initial deposit.  Online players are attracted at Titan Poker because aside from its dazzling promotions, it has very attractive and colorful graphics, thus making playing a very nice experience.  The software is very functional as well, no major drawbacks, and downloading is easy. Moreover, games available include Seven-Card Stud Hi, Omaha, Omaha Hi and Hi-Lo, and Hold’em.  Other big games include sit-and-go, heads-up, and multi-table tournaments.   There are also ring games that recorded more than 2,000 players during its peak- hour and more than 9,000 tournament players.  All these happened just the start of January 2007.  

Another poker website affiliate of ixgames is doyles room and poker site.  Doyles room poker is very user friendly with an easy-to-navigate site complete with wonderful graphics and cool presentation.  It is primarily known on online poker community for its big-time bettors.  Aside from that, Doyles Room Poker is also known for giving 110% to $550 bonus during the first deposit, and quite some action filled promotions along the way.  Plus, players can use their initial-deposit bonus right away.  Doyles room is known for being the best place to put all your bets.  It has been keeping that reputation for a long time now.  So when customer have questions in mind, they can ask it anytime they want using the site’s customer service.  

And the last but certainly not the least among the poker website affiliate of ixgames.com is  PartyPoker.com. Party Poker is considered by many as the most famous poker site over the Internet.  The site was able to establish its popularity because of its relationship to World Poker Tour.  Poker Party became a household name in the world of poker because of its intelligent marketing strategy during the World Tour Poker.  It is also the largest poker website and that makes it so popular among online players.  It has many players that is why more and more players are encourage to play on it.  What more encouraging about this site are the perks and bonuses, which include the $25 bonus for every deposit and 205 bonus if you are going to deposit more than $100.  

So ladies you do not have to waste your precious times searching the Internet for the best poker online.  At ixgames.com you will certainly find all the best poker websites where you can choose which one best suits your taste.