WSOP Satellite Strategy

Tue, 03 Jun 2008 01:17

WSOP Satellite Strategy

Play your best poker game in a WSOP satellite.

It has always been the goal of all true-blue poker players to participate in the very prestigious World Series of Poker.  The painful reality is that not everyone has what it takes to be part of that dream poker tournament. Just to join the game, an individual has to shell out $10,000 which is a very big amount for amateur poker players.

Despite this obstacle, many poker players in the world still dream of one day winning a seat at the WSOP.  Here is a more attainable, less financially-draining route to the World Series of Poker: the WSOP satellite.

A WSOP satellite is a series of poker tournaments wherein low-stake players can get the chance to win  a seat in the World Series of Poker. It is like a gate pass to the World Series of Poker. However, this "pass" is not easy to get.  Players have to win a series of tournaments and in order to be successful in every battle, players need a brilliant strategy.

First on the game plan is to know the structure of the particular poker satellite a player would like to join. The different satellite structures include winner-take-all satellite, lower buy-ins satellite, and higher or bigger buy-ins satellite. WSOP satellite strategy varies from one satellite structure to another.

WSOP Satellite Strategy for Winner-take-all

In a winner-take-all satellite, there is only a single WSOP seat available.  As its name suggests, the winner will take all the spoils or rewards of victory.  If you win, it is your lucky day.  If you do not win, do not expect consolation prizes. Since only a single seat is available, you must bear in mind that you should be advancing every step of the way. You should win every chip in play to get that single WSOP seat. Gambling is the name of the game so if you are too shy or too scared to gamble, then expect yourself to be branded as the loser in the end.
A winner-take-all satellite does not recognize the concept of staying away from close gambles. In other poker tournaments, obtaining more chips depreciates the value of each chip. The case is different in a winner-take-all satellite since only one WSOP seat is available. Even in spots in which you have small advantage, you should still gamble.

If you have big stacks in a winner-take-all satellite, make sure that you play plenty of pots with other large stacks. To double up against players with large stacks may give you the advantage of being in the lead.

Strategy for a Low Number of Seats Satellite  

To join this kind of satellite, only about $100-200 is required. Since the amount contributed by players is relatively small, only a few WSOP seats are available in this low buy-ins satellite. Though this satellite structure promises only few WSOP seats, you should not stop yourself from playing well.  Few WSOP seats can still give you the chance to participate in the WSOP. All you have to do is develop a great WSOP satellite strategy.

A good low buy-ins satellite strategy should not focus on being the champ at tournament. Your goal should be to get a spot that will award you with a WSOP package.  For example, in a satellite that has 400 participants, five people may get a WSOP package. Your goal, therefore, is not necessarily to be the top winner.  You should aim to land on the Top Five so you can get a WSOP package.   

Strategy for a High Number of Seats Satellite  

A satellite that costs more than $500 can promise a big number of WSOP seats. Typically, there is one WSOP seat for every 20 participants. In this game, you do not need to be too aggressive since you have a bigger chance to win a WSOP seat.  The strategy is to be discerning in your advances and obtain a size of stacks that is beyond the average.  

To win that dream WSOP seat, you have to be wise.  Think of the right strategy for your play and you will simply find yourself practicing for the next World Series of Poker.