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The future of online gambling payments and transactions.

When laying in popular online casino and even poker sites, it is important to have an e-wallet or payment option available.  Of course, there are already a lot of popular payment options (link to: Payment solutions.txt) that are accredited in many gaming sites, while there are those who are new and are only available for a limited or a certain number of online casino or poker sites.

Tailor-Made for The Needs of Online Gamers

One of the newest payment and deposit options like NuCharge, the YouTeller payment option is a new solution to e-wallet problems in the United States and is initially designed with several ideas in mind:

1.  Legal Stability
    YouTeller is registered in Wales and England and it has no branches available outside the United Kingdom.  Due to this, YouTeller remains unaffected by any legislation from the United States.

2.  Simplicity in Usage
    YouTeller is designed to provide convenience for its clients -- both the corporate and the individual users.  The whole system is designed just like the Neteller, which makes it all the more easy.

3.  Reasonably Priced
    In YouTeller, one can be made pleasantly surprised that when both opening or closing a certain account, one is not required to pay anything, as receiving or sending money are free.  However, when depositing and withdrawing funds, there is a minimal fee of 3.5% and 1.0% that is charged for credit cards.   

As of now, YouTeller's current state still remains unknown.  The most current news regarding this is that it will be launched sometime during the summer of 2008.  This means that as of today, there is no online casino that will be using YouTeller.

Which Sites Are Most Likely to Use YouTeller?
When YouTeller starts its operations in 2008, certain poker sites such as Bodog poker,, and Full Tilt Poker are expected to worked with this payment option.  The three previously mentioned sites are in the process of looking for legitimate processors of payments for their many gamers online, and YouTeller will definitely be a welcome choice.

Advantages of Using YouTeller
Like NuCharge and Paysafecard, YouTeller definitely has advantages that will make people prefer it over others.  First of them is that opening an account does not require any charge.  At the same time receiving or sending money is free of any fee as well. Of course, there are also certain disadvantages, especially in credit card transactions.  Both requires a 3.5% plus $5 additional charge and a 1% and $5 additional charge for both deposits and withdrawals respectively.

Unfortunately, since YouTeller is still new and not yet launched, there are no solid information and completed reviews available for would-be clients.  As such, people will have a hard time looking for recommendations and testimonials about this.  Should they be interested or have any questions regarding this, they are highly encouraged to go to YouTeller's official website.  It is expected that when YouTeller is launched, it will be a payment solution of choice for online gambling and casino sites.